Sunday, December 9, 2012

ZAP! #107: Effects of Complacency

ZAP! #107

     There are certain things we learn to deal with while existing on this planet.  Some are not even pleasant.  Others are potentially odious events that are often unseen or unknown by the general public.  Gravity.  Nosy neighbors.  Graft and corruption.  Weather.  Lunar tidal effects.  Incompetent bureaucrats.  Solar flares.  Natural disasters.  Shady politicians.

     However, there are some things that even go beyond the realm of natural order.  And these matters are often as a result of Cause and Effect.  You know the drill.  One action causes an opposite or maybe unlikely reaction to occur for what should be an expected outcome.  If you have ever wondered why some things just didn’t pan out, then the following could be in play.  

Cause:   Dallas Cowboys win a football game
      Effect:   An oversupply of free ducats were left under the Irving city manager’s ‘magic’ front door mat.

Cause:   Sun rises in Irving’s eastern sky
     Effect:  Irving politicos depart on another free junket (Panama, again?) utilizing tax payer funds provided to an organization still searching for nebulous economic development justification. 

Cause:   Global warming strikes Irving council meeting
     Effect:  Dean International A-list council members who receive junkets, campaign contributions and nosh invites heat up the discussion in an attempt to keep the $1.1 million Dean-greenback woodland alive and reforested.

Cause:  Tsunami washes Irving Historical District flat
     Effect:  The $57 million tax payer hickey for city-owned McDougalville property is restored to its original use...truck farming.

Cause:  Irving city hall goes ‘green’… again
     Effect:  The newly formed Irving Issues PAC, the unofficial mouthpiece for the chamber of commerce, will recycle two former elected officials with wads of currency while searching for ‘truth and justice’ and discount coupons for their member’s Kool-Aid.

     As Kurt Vonnegut once intoned: “Life is no way to treat an animal.”  And sadly, some Irving politicos and bureaucrats should be detained by SPCA officials for their treatment of Irving tax payers.  Dogs, who do not even pay taxes, seem to have it better in the new city animal shelter than Irving tax payers in overly taxed homesteads.

………………………...Mark Holbrook