Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ZAP! #126: Pulling Strings

ZAP! #126

     FINALLY!  The Focus Irving PAC, that was responsible for promoting and basically funding Allan Meagher’s campaign, filed (on 7-8-13) their Runoff Election Report.  This report filing was extremely late as noted in the 6-16-13 issue of the CCR.  

     Of course, the late filing had nothing to do with the PAC, Chris Allen, or Meagher not wanting voters to be able to review just who was buying supporting Meagher’s future votes on the council.  The CCR is sure that this notion would never enter into these politicos thinking processes.

     Taking lessons from his mentor, ex-mayor Gears, Meagher had campaign supporters utilize many of the same old tricks, robo calling and endorsement gathering techniques observed in a Gears campaign.  The only difference: Gears spent over $1 million and lost.  Voter apathy and a low voter turnout allowed Meagher to slide into office cheaper...where he will reward all those who helped buy elect him with his usual sloth approach and talking point pronouncements for handling city business.

     Even though this may be late information and before the final Focus Irving PAC report for this election cycle that is required to be filed, readers may be interested in just who might own a piece of councilman Meagher.  If your name is not included in the PAC notes listed below, then take a number and await your turn to seek assistance from Meagher on any city issue.  After all, money talks and Meagher’s ears are definitely tuned to hearing that conversation.

Individuals Contributing Over $200 to Irving Focus PAC
Debra Stewart, $500; Thomas Davis, $1,000; Scott McAaron, $500; Darcy Ribman, $500; James Ribman, $500; John C. Allen, $1,000; Carter Holsten, $250; James Cassels, $500; Mary Oberlin, $1,000; Russell Driver, $500; Albert Zapanta, $500.

Unique Expenses Funded by Irving Focus PAC
Robo calling (those pesky phone recordings that interrupt your dinner): $860.60, $860.60, $860.60, $860.60 all paid for by John C. Allen; Polling (also a dinner interrupter): $1,586.74 all paid for by John C. Allen

Loans Made to Irving Focus PAC
Thomas Davis, $5,000; John C. Allen, $7,200 and $11,800

     Of note is that some of the above individuals, who contributed to the PAC, also contributed directly to the Meagher campaign fund which is a separate entity.  This allowed individuals to double-contribute within the parameters of campaign finance regulations.  The total funds expended for Meagher’s election would include Focus Irving PAC funding and Meagher’s campaign funds. 

     The Focus Irving PAC winner for laying out the most money and having the largest and strongest string currently attached to Meagher’s voting arm is: John C. Allen...also know as Chris Allen the Focus Irving PAC treasurer who to date is in for over $32,000.  When the final PAC report is filed, the CCR will provide an update to see if there are any major changes to this ranking.

     While not up to Billy Bob standards for campaign donating, the voting results expected from Meagher during his term, as a result of Focus Irving PAC influence, should be about the same as previously demonstrated by ex-mayor Gears.

……………………..Mark Holbrook