Sunday, July 21, 2013

ZAP! #128: Taking 7/2 Odds

ZAP! #128

     Okay kids, the season finale of the city’s number one rated soap opera is about to premier.  The ever controversial Entertainment Center project proposal -- brought to you by ARK this time -- is set to be cussed/discussed/decided on Thursday July 25th by the Irving city council.

     While the staff of the CCR is not clairvoyant, we are getting strong psychic flashes -- probably caused by out-of-season crawfish -- that the deal may actually go through this time.  By ‘going through’ this means that the council will, in all probability, pass the $249 million project.

     Of course, there will be the ‘usual suspects’ at the council meeting speaking in favor or against the proposal.  That’s okay, since most council members will have their minds made up long before the meeting and no amount of rhetoric from the podium will change or persuade them to alter their vote based on what an audience member might state.  

The crew leader of the Lubbock Mafia (read: chamber of commerce president), in concert with his Capo (the city manager), will have a group of nicely dressed folks, with support badges, speaking in favor.  The ICVB will send out an alert to its board members and followers for them to dust off all their previous support speeches for what could be the last stand -- one way or another -- for this previously abused, by BBB/LCG, project.  And of course, the dwindling opposition -- especially after the mayor’s failed attempt to stack the council -- to the Entertainment Center will muster the same tired rhetoric heard on numerous occasions that strikingly echoes mayor BVDs talking points against the project.

      And speaking of mayor BVD, this could be the swan song anti-vote of her council career.  Understanding the grapevine utterings that her handlers might not support the ARK proposal and that she would have a disastrous chance of winning re-election for mayor in 2014 with her demonstrated “leadership” and “consensus building” skills (snicker), will she use a NO vote to shore up unenlightened Tea Party support for a possible GOP primary run against state representative Bennett Ratliff?  After all, doesn’t she live in this state representative’s district?  Yes, that’s really what Austin would need at this time...more mane flipping.

     If staff of the CCR had a local bookie, we would recommend -- unless major changes float down and alter the proposal before the council votes on Thursday -- that you should put your money on the Entertainment Center proposal passing by a 7-2 vote.  The two NO voters could be: mayor BVD and councilman LeMorgese.  The possible LaMorgese NO vote is understandable as this might be viewed as a ‘family’ matter.  Didn’t BVDs mom actually recruit LaMorgese to run for the city council?  And didn’t he recently enjoy watching the Texas Wild pro tennis match, with the mayor in attendance, that the mayor supported by spending $400,000 tax bucks for this elite entertainment?  And sometimes ‘family’ ties are stronger than maybe what’s good for city ties...even when one argues contrary to a proposal with issues that maybe should have been addressed at the front end of the process.   After all, no party in any contract negotiation rarely obtains everything they desire or want.  Do you think that’s why they call it negotiation?  

     And in this case, if the city IS NOT on the hook for any possible ARK debt or any potential city bonded snafus should the venture not succeed, then the only question that might require resolution is: Will this venture be, for the long term, beneficial to/for the city? 
……………………...Mark Holbrook