Thursday, July 25, 2013

ZAP! #130: Viper Alert

ZAP! #130

     One of the many phantom issues that B&B (Beth and Brad) have regarding the Entertainment Center, that will be voted on tonight at the city council meeting, is: Billy Bob may be allowed to lease/operate one or more of the restaurants in the newly proposed venue.

     Once again, the CCR observes that mayor BVD is spewing the venom of her personal vendetta against LCG, Billy Bob and ex-mayor Gears.  And for the failure of this trio with their first pass at the center, this would normally be appropriate.  

     What is not now appropriate is for the mayor or council members to attempt to dictate who ARK (a private P&L concern) can select to run/lease/operate businesses under their umbrella of management.  After all, ARK will be the one on the line for the success or failure of the ‘tenants‘ they select to compliment the center.  If they want to quaff the hype poured by Billy Bob, then that should be their decision.

     Of course, when mayor BVD leads this tangential discussion, her dwindling number of followers must wonder where these quirky considerations are fermented. 

     While the CCR is not fond deluded on how Billy Bob managed to corrupt the political system of Irving during his reign over the initial Entertainment Center process, we do know one thing.  If Billy Bob had a son, he would look exactly like ex-mayor Gears.

     To assist mayor BVD in quelling her personal animosity and in the spirit of cooperation, the CCR will initiate a contest for a restaurant name in the developed Entertainment Center by ARK should Billy Bob be granted license to do so.

     First prize winner will be treated to a breakfast burrito at Danal’s Mexican Restaurant on a day of their choosing.  Second prize will be two breakfast burritos.  Third prize will be a snake venom antidote injection administered personally by mayor BVD.

     All entries must be from real individuals (no fake Jean Rose-ghostwritten entries allowed) mailed to the CCR.  Full contest rules and regulations are noted on the CCRs blog site.  Entry deadline is 4:15 AM on July 26th.

     To get a possible Billy Bob restaurant naming contest started, the CCR offers this submission:

…………………..Mark Holbrook