Sunday, December 22, 2013

ZAP! #144: CCRs Xmas Message

ZAP! #144

     This whole Saudi Arabia mayoral-junket, recently taken by mayor BVD, is keeping several questions floating in the local political maelstrom.  For instance: Did she bring an ‘escort’ for this trip and if so, could it have been the current crack smoking mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford?

     Hold on, Kool-Aid breath.  Staff of the CCR did not insinuating that mayor BVD had been smoking crack on the junket.  Let’s be clear about that.  Staff of the CCR just thinks that her actions upon returning to “beautiful downtown Irving” defy any rational explanation!  And this would be akin to the somewhat amusing antics of Toronto’s mayor as he flits around public venues or his council chamber dancing, singing and showing the world what an obnoxious bore and buffoon he is. 

      Actually, it appears, upon returning from Saudi Arabia, that mayor BVD once again shape-shifted into her standard leadership mode of “it’s not a good idea if it isn’t my idea.”  Forget what other council members might be thinking or considering that could benefit the city.  And for someone who purports to be highly educated, were the lessons in leadership exorcised from her undergraduate curriculum?

     A critical issue -- one that could perpetuate the council divide (with mayor BVD again leading the fractious side) -- relates to the city manager.  And mayor BVD apparently is playing this issue as a political game as opposed to what should be considered for the best interest of the city.

     Some tedious details:  Steve McCullough is currently serving as interim city manager due to the departure of Tommy Gonzalez.  McCullough was the city manager prior to ex-mayor Gears recruiting Tommy Gonzalez to come to Irving.  The city council has authorized a search firm to screen candidates to fill the city manager’s position vacated by Gonzalez.  McCullough is on a six-month contract to right the ship of state.  From all outward indications and reports, it appears that a significant degree of stability and progress has returned under McCullough’s direction and management style.  Several council members want to amend the current contract for McCullough and extend it for two years.  In fact, three members of the council have requested that the January 9, 2014 city council meeting include this as an agenda item.  Enter stage left self-aggrandizing mayor BVD to launch another of her political tantrums by calling a special council meeting for January 4, 2013 (Saturday) to interview (not take any formal action on) five city manager finalist as determined by the search committee.  What?!

     Political reality:  Any individual with good business or professional acumen would note that a political body considering an executive hiring should do so with extreme tact.  And this would not include posting a special meeting to interview potential candidates before considering the status of the individual currently serving in the position as reflected by the action already taken by council members. Not only does mayor BVDs approach make little sense, but it reflects that she has a very shallow understanding of how personnel hiring practices should be conducted.  Surely, none of her ‘string pullers’ -- that have made their mark in the ‘real world of business’ -- would be this witless regarding common, decent interviewing/hiring practices.  

     While the staff of the CCR sits on the sidelines and awaits the political temper tantrum surely building up in mayor BVD, be assured the New Year’s fireworks will pale compared to her upcoming explosiveness.  Would someone (obviously, LaMorgese?) whisper in her ear, or dampen her fuse to the notion of interviewing any potential city manager candidates BEFORE addressing the council action item.  After all, the agenda item has legally been entered for the January 9th city council meeting.  To do otherwise is pure folly and smacks of incompetence on her part.  If she attempts to follow through with her ill conceived and thickheaded approach, be prepared for the snickering, at Irving’s expense, from Arlington, Frisco and Dallas to reach new heights.  But then, mayor BVD has already provide these cities with enough comic relief as a result of some of her prior actions
     The only sane, rationale motive that staff of the CCR could come up with -- concerning her current attempt to derail her ego off the tracks -- is that one of the potential candidates must be a tennis aficionado.  Then, she and her council minion (noted above) would only need a fourth person for doubles matches.

     Happy Holidays, CCR readers!

……………..……………...Mark Holbrook