Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CCR 03-05-14: Tennis Anyone?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”
“We are looking to brand the city”
mayor BVD on 03-03-14

     While staff of the CCR is against all cruelty to animals, we still didn’t understand what mayor BVD was attempting to relate with the above ‘branding’ comment.  We checked the chamber of commerce buzz word lexicon left by outgoing president, Chris Wallace, but his definition just didn’t seem to mesh with mayor BVDs rambling about the potential use of 25-acres on the Texas Stadium site.  Her comment at the presentation by the consulting firm, OliverMcMillan, that she railroaded through the council for a MOU a few months back seemed surreal regarding one item...a tennis complex.

     To ensure the CCR only reports accurate information, we asked Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith and almost mayor of Irving, to float mayor BVDs above phrase through his Torofeca Filter.*  The Torofeca Filter has often been used by the CCR to determine exactly what a politico is saying...while the politico hopes the general public doesn’t fully understand the true meaning of their words.

     Following is what Dylan determined when parsing the above ‘branding’ phrase: “mayor BVD wants to heat a branding iron, to a glowing crimson color, and sear the wording ‘mayor BVDs 25-acre Tennis Complex...fools’ on the rear end of every Irving tax payer.”  And the Torofeca Filter is never wrong...take it to the bank.

     Now, we fully understand why mayor BVD has her Flying Harpies, Pet Rocks (Farris and LaMorgese), and Kool-Aid sots nodding in agreement.  Once again, her personal agenda has become a potential tax payer’s nightmare.

     A tennis complex?  Has mayor BVD already forgotten the professional tennis subsidies forked over for the Texas Wild and 4-Seasons the past two years (nearly $1M)?  Does she not realize that tennis may be fun for her, her Pet Rocks and Flying Harpies, but utilizing 25-acres of the most important piece of property the city owns is mindless and half-baked...especially since there is little benefit to most citizens who do not participate in such elite activities?  Should one wonder if this bit of skullduggery was initiated when mayor BVD, on a trip to Las Vegas, and the Hines Development folks ‘happened’ to encounter OliverMcMillan personnel?  (Remember, Hines is the company receiving enormous Irving TIF funds and building residential homes under D/FW Really Big and International Airport runways!)  Coincidence?  Did mayor BVD again forget to pack her transparency cloak for this trip?  Does mayor BVD understand this is Irving, not Forest Hills?  Has mayor BVD looked at operational red ink on tennis court venues around the country?  And sadly, why did mayor BVD attempt to drag unsuspecting kids and the IISD into her personal agenda by stating a tennis complex could even produce a high number of Rhodes Scholarships if built?  Amazing! 

     One other phrase passed through the Torofeca Filter was mayor BVD asserting the tennis complex, on the architectural renderings, was just an “optional” consideration.  With this parsing by mayor BVD, the Torofeca Filter began snickering!  Ensuring the tennis complex will be an “optional” item with mayor BVD is akin to her stating that buns are optional for hamburgers.  In fact, the filter’s notes suggest reviewing the audience tape of her shills in attendance at the meeting to observe all the winking, nodding and eyebrow lifting in assent of mayor BVDs sly way of making this proposal seem tame and sane by using the term “optional.”

     As already noted, she is mustering her troopers to push this “optional” tennis complex to the max.  And she states she doesn’t want this to become a political issue?  Really, mayor BVD?  Doesn’t it appear most of her personal pet projects evolve to political they have little to do with Irving citizenry wants, needs and desires? 

     Be assured, mayor BVD is looking for a tennis Grand Slam project for the Texas Stadium site.

     The Irving tax paying public had best seek immediate treatment if currently suffering from PADD.  Otherwise, you may be conscripted soon to be one of mayor BVDs ball boys at the grand opening of her tennis complex on the old Texas Stadium site.

……………………...Mark Holbrook
Note:  Staff of the CCR should point out that neither Google or Webster’s dictionary reflects a definition for torofeca.  The reason for this is simple...we coined the term.  To assist the word impaired, we offer this flimsy explanation: toro = bull; feca = feces.  We are confident that you now understand -- in a polite sense -- what several of our local politicos have been spreading in the city when it comes to personal agendas...political torofeca