Friday, April 11, 2014

CCR 04-11-14: More Dedication, Less Politics

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     While most of the current political attention has been focused on the Irving mayoral race, a quiet race, which has equal ramifications, has been playing out in the trenchesliterally.

     Perhaps, the main reason the contest for District 2 on the Irving ISD School Board has been quiet is because over the past 1½ years the board has witnessed a transition welcomed by tax payers, faculty and staff.  The transition was one from meetings that had political bickering as an agenda item; gamesmanship of “gotcha‘“ played monthly in public; and contentious outside (Dallas) political agitators looking for a TV camera or photo op to assist in stirring their self-serving agenda-pot.

     Upon review, factors that led to Irving ISD achieving this balance of civil and forward direction could be attributable to: 1) the hiring of a new superintendent who not only knows what he is doing to improve the district, but also does not play the political game as his predecessor managed to do...oftentimes; 2) the overall complexion of the board shifted, from doing everything the previous superintendent wanted or advised, to a board competent enough to review, recommend and advise on issues critical or germane to the efficient operations of the district.  Yes, the current board has the district on track and made strides in the performance of their duties, not observed in years.  Simply stated, the current board is not a rubber stamp for the administration!

     Shouldn’t taxpayers and voters want this level of progress to continue?  Isn’t this beneficial to all when the board acts in accordance within established policies and guidelines?  If you believe this, which staff of the CCR does, then forget all the pandering, fluffy brochures and empty promises being made by one candidate this election season.  Instead, look to Nell Anne Hunt to be the best candidate who can continue this progress, but also achieve the established goals of the district.  

     Compare Nell Anne’s record of service in the community with that of her opponent, a genuine political operative (degree in political science and formally a primary campaign worker) who laces his rhetoric with cliche statements on issues not germane or currently relevant to district plans or activities.

     In fact, when analyzing some of his recent statements,* one has to wonder which political-phrase tome he is utilizing for double-speak.  His concepts regarding current operations appear to be limited and not in tune with what is or has been accomplished over the past couple years.  Some examples of his would reflect:

“...every child is provided with the opportunity to attain a high quality education…”  Really?  Isn’t this the overriding purpose of the entire board?  Who on the board doesn’t want this?  Is he the only individual who holds a key to unlock what is already open to all students by the current board?

“...things that the District can do to incentivize bids and contracts for minority and women owned businesses...”  Excuse us, but the district currently has a Purchasing department that is not only aware of, but strives to accomplish this in a fair and consistent manner.  Any deviations from established procedures would have been noted and corrected by now. 

“...ensure that standards and curriculum is best directed toward all students, not some, but all...”  If this isn’t happening, then he must be the only person aware of the situation.  Common knowledge notes that district standards are not selectively enforced or minimized for any student.

“...all  available language options when entering the school system…”  Once again, if this isn’t being done, then he must be the only individual knowledgeable of the situation.  Teachers currently work very close with parents to ensure students are properly informed of the choices that can be made.  

“... making sure there is an equitable distribution of Irving’s very best teachers in all schools…”  This seems to be another non-existent issue.  And if it did come to pass, to even consider a flimsy proposal of this nature, who will be the arbitrator determining the ‘best’ teachers and based on what criteria?

     Yes, fancy rhetoric, detailing issues that are non-existent or fabricated to appeal to an audience is just pure politics.  But then, isn’t this what a political operative might voter’s minds with puffy rhetoric and esoteric statements?  In all actuality, the school board needs less politics and more concern for the actual operations of the district.

     And with Nell Anne Hunt being elected to the board, this can be achieved.  Are you going to do your part to see that this happens?!

…………………….Mark Holbrook

  • From the North Dallas Gazette.  For reader’s edification, the Irving ISD school board election has nothing to do with north Dallas, and those living in north Dallas cannot vote in the Irving election.