Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CCR 'Short List' Posting

To:  CCR ‘Short List’ Readers* --

     As a special treat to those on this CCR mailing list, you will have the advantage of knowing a bit more than those who only follow Dylan via his tweet account.

     Reading the Dylan tweet, noted below, posted this AM, you’ll probably be elated that Dylan was legally approved to be on the May 10th Irving mayoral ballot.  And this would mean the race is now a 2-person/1-canine event.  As Dylan stated upon hearing the unbelievable news: “This is a tremendous victory for “Paw Power.”  Sniff that BVD and Herbie.” 

     One small consideration should be observed...the tweet was posted on April 1st.  So, if you were completing your mail-in ballot (cough...Geezer) with Dylan’s name as a write-in candidate, realize that this was the most timely April Fool’s prank staff of the CCR could hatch...just some false hope for an expected dismal election season.


The tweet:
Dylan Westie@DylanWestie1 April 1
the CCRs attorney A.J.Calhoun advises fed judge rules Dylan eligible for Irving mayoral ballot on May 10. Now, who you gonna’ vote for?
  • For those who might be “Tweet Impaired” or not following at: dylanwestie1