Thursday, May 1, 2014

CCR 05-01-14: Alms From the Wealthy?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Today’s Query:  What is the going rate to maybe ‘own’ a piece of mayor BVD?

     While staff of the CCR doesn’t have the definitive answer to the above question, we do have a feeling that ‘common folks’ and voters who contribute a measly $50, $100 or $200 to her campaign may not have phone calls returned or e-mails answered as quickly -- or even at all -- as others might.  Why?  (Remember aloof, haughty and dismissive?)  

     A review of the January - March 31, 2014 campaign finance report for mayor BVD appears to have a preponderance of north Irving bucks muscling out the interest of all those in other areas of the city.  And if money talks, then these folks could be having a very long-winded conversation with mayor BVD.  

      This cursory review of her campaign finance report identifies just the individuals who have contributed $2,000 or more to mayor BVDs campaign for this period.  And luckily for her, there will still be plenty of time for additional contributions or loans from these or other potential ‘owners’ before the party ends.

     Should one wonder if there might be some ‘special interest needs’ involved with any of these contributions?  You be the judge.  To the best of the CCRs knowledge, none of the below individuals are developing any projects in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ at this time.

     The current potential ‘ownership’ list of mayor BVD for this period reflects: Heinz Simon - $10,000; J. Ralph Ellis - $5,000; Joseph M. Quillan - $10,000; Karen Ellis - $5,000; Raymond Woolridge - $2,000; Ellen Backes - $5,000; David Hardie - $2,000; J. Ralph Ellis, Jr. - $10,000; Bill LaMothe - $5,200; John Hickey - $2,000; Randy DeWitt - $5,707 (In-Kind); John Gibbons - $17,500; Walter Levy - $2,000.

     You still have plenty of time to join this exclusive party group.  What with mayor BVDs daily mailing of fluffy brochures, Fox News commercials featuring “Mighty Wonder Gal,” make up for all the copious photo ops, and PR spinning-cost remaining until May 10, 2014, your contribution, even if insignificant, might at least fund some political sign stakes.  

     For the Record:  While not required, staff of the CCR did review the campaign finance report for x-mayor Herbie during this period of time.  Instead of listing any detail (insubstantial as it was), just click on the below link.  From the standpoint of the CCR, it doesn’t appear anyone ‘owns’ x-mayor Herbie at this time.  Opportunity waiting to happen?  
………………...Mark Holbrook

mayor BVDs campaign finance report:
x-mayor Herbie’s campaign finance report: