Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CCR 05-13-14: Truth of Consequences

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     There is one thing staff of the CCR can do quite well and that is to read the handwriting on the wall.  With the recent dismal turnout for city elections and the re-election  coronation of mayor QueenB VD, one certainty is noted...Flying Harpies and Pet Rocks are assisting with steering the city’s helm.  

     However, these folks will have to take a back seat...way behind all the Sugar Daddy contributors who purchased and tied ‘voting strings’ to QueenB VDs arm.  

     (Note: The plural for contributors is noted here as a Sugar Daddy reference, as it was in recent reports.  Blog posters previously took staff of the CCR to task with re-directional comments assuming only one individual was being singled out as a Sugar Daddy.  These bloggers then proceeded to canonizing the individual without any reference to the obscene amounts contributed by him and others.  Of course, this is how Flying Harpies and Vacuous Ogres play the political game!)

     With all this in mind, staff of the CCR would offer their services to ensure city hall starts on an even keel and runs smoothly after the re-elected  coronation of QueenB VD.  (Well, as smooth and well tuned as a food truck cruising ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ might run.)  

     (Remember, 2014 is: The Year of Our Dear AHD-Autocracy Leader)

     And what better way to get the ball rolling for QueenB VD than to have a unique photo op of her introducing, as her first act of business, an ordinance that would require mandatory truth testing for the mayor and all council members?  What?

     Look, the NBA, NFL and NHL mandates drug testing for all players to ensure the playing field is level, players follow established rules/policies and no one has an unfair ‘chemical’ advantage.  Truth testing the mayor and council members would allow citizens this same level of assurance for the political field when the game of city business commences.

     Wouldn’t it be important to know ‘special interest’ or Sugar Daddy donors are not always setting the agenda in their favor?  After all, common citizens have real needs and desires, too.  Wouldn’t you want to know if the mayor and council members’s statements and actions are actually truthful and not political spin covered with several layers of torofeca?  Wouldn’t knowing the truth about the mayor or council member’s possible involvement in a proposed issue, before a vote is taken, be beneficial to all concerned?

     During the campaign, QueenB VD failed to identify what she might attempt to accomplish if re-elected.  Instead, she spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on slick, fluffy and re-directional materials attacking her opponent.  And this didn’t include the bucks and hours upon hours of noxious TV ads that have permanently scarred a generation of future Irving voters.  There was no mention of ethics, transparency, or working with others, who had differing opinions, to achieve compatible results for the betterment of the city.  On the contrary, her campaign was conducted as if she had been provided the wrong medications to treat AHD (Aloof Haughty Dismissiveness) or her possible NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) condition which may have caused this spike of irrational political activities and photo ops beyond readable meter levels. 

     To cure this obvious oversight of failing to advise potential voters what Irving’s future might encompass if re-elected, mandatory truth testing would have assisted and should have been employed.  This would have demonstrated what complete oversight, transparency and accountability was in store for future city business.  And certainly, this method of discovering the truth would be more stringent, factual and honest than any ‘ethics code’ she has harped about for three years.  (Note, this will not be drug testing, but rather truth testing.)  Confused?

          Staff of the CCR would recommend the drug Sodium Thiopental be used for these ‘truth sessions’ when a controversial or significant issue comes before the council.  This drug is safe and can be administered with ease.  And just think what results might be obtained when administered as the individual is resting in a very comfortable and deep slumber while they spill the beans of honest responses.  

     As a hypothetical, consider what the actual answers to the following questions, posed to QueenB VD, might be if she was the first council person tested under this newly proposed ordinance:

  • Are all (In-kind in particular) contributions from all donors reflected on QueenB VDs campaign finance reports?
  • With how many council members have you discussed, on an individual basis, the Whistle Stop proposal which could tweak or bend OMA regulations by doing so?
  • What discussions, regarding the Whistle Stop project, have you had with all the partners of the proposal -- including newly elected council member Ward?
  • Has Ward lobbied or discussed with any council members, regarding the Whistle Stop proposal, prior to the recent election?
  • What would all the text messages between QueenB VD and J. Ralph Ellis reveal?  Would this identify who has really been setting the city’s agenda?
  • What was actually discussed by QueenB VD with personnel of OliverMcMillan regarding the MOU for the Texas Stadium site when she met with them in Las Vegas?
  • With a new Pet Rock on the council, will a tennis center become more than an “optional” consideration for the Texas Stadium site under the OliverMcMillan plan?
  • Were individuals from Hines Reality, who have received millions in city handouts for building homes under DFW airport runway, the link for the meeting in Las Vegas with OliverMcMillan?
  • Has mayor BVD assured Hines Reality, while possibly discussing with any of her Pet Rocks, what might be conceded or considered for the developer down the road?
  • Would any text messages between QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks reveal proposed city business or upcoming votes prior to there being public discussion on these matters?
  • What is QueenB VDs real agenda for rushing the hiring process for a new city manager?
  • What questions would you have if QueenB VD was placed in a “truth trance?”

     Knowing this particular CCR missive just might set some Flying Harpy wings aflutter at supersonic speeds, be advised: 1) Flying Harpies are not cleared for take off or posting grossly offensive notes until they know the specific answers to all the above questions; 2) Answers to the above questions are not considered valid if Flying Harpies utilized QueenB VD as their source without benefit of Sodium Thiopental; 3) Staff of the CCR remains insensitive to the misguided screeching of Flying Harpies.

     Readers should give the required truth testing process ordinance relevant consideration.  Who knows?  If this process started in Irving, truth testing could catch on and the nation might follow.  After all, voting constituents are weary of hearing politicos say one thing only to find them ending up doing the complete opposite.  And when doing so, politicos tend to not always dispense the truth as their rationale!

     Yes, Irving needs more truth in city government and less prevaricating torofeca spread on its citizenry.

……………………...Mark Holbrook