Sunday, May 18, 2014

CCR 05-18-14: The Dense Rockery

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     It may be an old cat, but sometimes even an old cat just deserves another swift kick.  This is the case when a well known political adage is invoked and demonstrated to still be true.  Remember the adage that states: “How can you tell when a politician is lying?  Their lips are moving.”  (Chuckle) Sound familiar?

     And thus, we have an outstanding and perfectly fact based article in the DMN (link cited below) which reflected that QueenB VD, Pet Rocks and Flying Harpies would have readers believe all is well and going to be even better as soon as the coronation of QueenB VD is finalized on May 22, 2014...based on their quotes.

     And as anticipated and expected, Pet Rocks claimed they have not pledged total fealty to the queen.  (Snicker!)  As a matter of fact, the new mantra (for press consumption and voter belief) for each Pet Rock will be “think independently before voting on an issue.”  Really?!  This new ‘independent think’ consideration, as probably dictated to the Pet Rocks by the queen to splash on the press, will be as independent as ‘IRS think’ while reviewing conservative political organization applications.

     While the CCR rarely makes predictions, here’s one we believe will come to pass.  The coronation of QueenB VD, with her now complete Pet Rock collection (the Rockery), will provide the same stagnation and lack of progressive progress as occurred when the NW Irving Chicken Little Society (NWICLS) became a majority on the council and thwarted all good and reasonable efforts made by D/FW Really Big and International Airport during the turmoil of the early 80s(Older CCR readers will certainly remember these days.)

     For those suffering from PADD (Political Attention Deficit Disorder), the NWICLS reached their heyday with a council majority that ran the show for a short period before reasonable minds in the community saw through the political charade and elected responsible council members.  A more responsible council ended the airport lawsuit.  The final settlement terms contained particulars actually available in the early stages of the runway dispute.

     (Side note:  QueenB VD and her Pet Rocks are now responsible for Hines Reality being able to build mega-dollar homes in the same area previously deemed non-compatible with airport usage.  The airport and others protested these zoning changes, but if the queen meets with developers, either in Irving or Las Vegas, can strange blessings or absolutions be administered for suspect projects?  Especially, when the council approves over $21 million in handouts?!)

     Part of the rationale for the low approval rating of most politicos (should Irving be included in this survey?) is that they are seldom straight with voters, spend more time filling their re-election coffers and tend to vote or approve issues based on what their ego or a few major contributors might dictate.  However, for the select and few good old boys, this is the way they believe the political railroad should be run...even if the train isn’t scheduled to pull into the Whistle Stop depot any time soon.

     Back to the original concern of this report: QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks yammering inane and apparent dishonest quotes to the press in an attempt to conceal a stealth prioritized by QueenB VD.  And if a specific Chinese proverb should be accurate, which staff of the CCR believes it is, then: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”   Truly true in this case.  Perhaps, the Chinese would even agree that the following picture not only debunks the quotes by Pet Rocks and QueenB VD in the DMN article, but proves what they fail to admit to the general public...QueenB VD now has a complete Pet Rock collection to do her bidding.  (Will her bidding be void of taking medications for possible NPD/AHD to successfully accomplish the agenda?)

     (Of note: Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, states his labor union does not allow him to type a thousand words on weekends, so this pic will have to suffice.)

(CCRs more accurate caption:  Pictured l-r: Ward -- newest addition of the Pet Rock family, PR LaMorgese, QueenB VD and PR Farris who reaped extra rocky benefits by being bestowed Participant Player in the Byron Nelson Pro-Am.  (“Thank you QueenB VD...Gerry!”)  Absent: Spink and the Mother Superior of Flying Harpy bloggers...along with Webb and Danish who await sovereign consideration and approval.)

     Additional factors debunking the Pet Rock and QueenB VDs DMN quotes in the article would be all the “high five” slaps, consumption of copious amounts of spirits (enough to cause a SBaptist to cringe and wobble like a new detox patient) after the election results were determined, and the blatantly obvious posts on a local the effect the new regime was now entrenched.  These actions belie what the quotes in the DMN article reflected.  And this being the case, the ‘lip movers’ continued to shout the loud hosanna of political success which echoed across the city…”QueenB VD save god.”  (No, Dylan is not a dyslexic dog.)

     Hopefully, you’ll excuse staff of the CCR.  Our short list of how to make things more bearable and workable in the city includes not pledging fealty to any politico or bowing before false idols...or any idols for that matter.  Third item on the list would be to ‘stitch the lips’ closed on all Irving politicos to spare the general public duplicitous comments unrelated to the reality of the situation.

…………………………...Mark Holbrook