Thursday, September 18, 2014

CCR 09-18-14: She Said/He Said

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     Sometimes, QueenB VD and members of her Pet Rock collection just grace citizens with Xmas presents in September.  And the recent dust-ups regarding the 2014-2015 budget and the uncalled for tax rate reduction were just the ribbons tied to these gifts.

     Perhaps a new adage is in order: "Never have so few given so much while screwing up so badly."

     If you really want to know what your local politico is thinking on these issues, just read their quotes (crafted for inflating their ego) in a DMN article.1  (Warning: If you do not own a Torofeca filter,2 then you will not understand the true meaning of what their Lilliputian brain synapses were transmitting.)

     With this in mind, let’s take a look at how some of the parties involved in the debate, over the tax rate reduction and inclusion of pet project expenditures, faired when their statements were passed through the CCRs Torofeca filter.

     And as you wade through these responses, readers should remember one thing: Irving has a City Manager/City Council form of government, not a Strong Mayor/City Manager form.  Of course, QueenB VD doesn’t subscribe to this theory…as evidence of all her past actions, demands and queenly prancing about town.  (In fact, she was recently spotted in ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ exhibiting her Hollywood-ish pose for a photo op.)

“These are all guesses.  I make my guess based on historical factors instead of sticking my finger in the wind.”  QueenB VD (a.k.a. mayor of Irving)
Based on this comment, QueenB VD should write a book.  Staff of the CCR would offer a suggestion for the title: "The Audacity of Stupid Comments."  It really takes an ego of the queen’s proportion to believe she, with unknown "consulting" abilities, has a better grasp for running a city over the many years of dedication and experience of a city manager who selected this profession as a career choice.  For the queen to believe otherwise, or even think the city manager and staff use an Ouija board to inform the council is not only preposterous, but represents very shallow thinking.  Even ludicrous is not a strong enough word to attach to the queen’s statement regarding the budget and tax rate under discussion.  

Of course, if one suffers from NPD, then the above comment by the queen might be recognizable and understandable.  After all, the queen is, in her own mind, all knowing, all powerful and always right…much like some of her Flying Harpies on FaceBook believe.  Fact: All of Irving’s future financial, infrastructure and service delivery problems and concerns will point back to the actions the queen and any of her Pet Rocks take on the proposed tax rate reduction and the 2014-2015 budget set for approval tonight.  A total disregard of the city manager’s sound recommendations and advice will be the root cause of this impending financial calamity.
“Please quote me on this.  My concern for the little old lady in a rocking chair living on Social Security far outweighs my concern for Wall Street.”  John Danish
Finally, Danish has shown his honest and true colors.  He appears to be more interested in pimping for his next voter than having a deep concern for the financial viability and stability of Irving’s future.  With his prior service on the council, he knows the ramifications bond ratings have on the ability of a city to provided infrastructure and services at affordable interest rates.  How many times did he travel to New York, in prior years, to boast and relate to the bonding agencies that Irving was acutely aware of not only meeting their financial obligations, but would ensure proper tax rates were established to accomplish this.  As a bona fide limousine liberal, maybe Danish could give all the "old ladies in rocking chairs" the $20-$25, the tax rate reduction might provide, out of his pocket.  This would be cheaper than attempting to buy their votes down the road.  Just saying!

“They’ve got this thing in their head about cutting taxes.   And for most of them, it’s about political expedience. It’s not about wise governance.”  Dennis Webb
When passed through the Torofeca filter, Webb’s statement returned exactly as it was entered.  Amazing!  It appears at least one member of the council has seen through QueenB VDs ‘cloak of invisibility’ with all of her blathering about wanting to reduce the tax rate for her Tea Party pals.  And he is perfectly correct as he notes the actions of the queen and Pet Rock followers are not overly concerned with "wise governance."  Much less about heeding sound advice.  Kudos, Webb.

“You, as a city, simply do not have a financial plan set up for the next five, 10 or 15 years … to pay for the innumerable things coming up, from operations to capital to equipment.” Chris Hillman, City Manager
This represents another statement, when passed through the Torofeca filter, that comes out shining with truth and veracity.  Led by QueenB VD, the entire council is in turmoil with each member struggling to have their personal pet projects approved, reduce the tax rate (to some unknown amount at this time), while pandering to future voters.  As astute as the city manager’s comments are, he does realize one thing…he doesn’t get to vote and it will take five council members to chart the financial course through these troubled waters.  Citizens should hope the new city manager has a good life vest, as the queen will certainly seek retribution (and throw him overboard) if her demands are not met and the Pet Rocks do not succumb to her dictates.  Quite frankly, this is no way to treat a genuine professional, especially when they are advising, based on solid facts and figures, as to potential perils facing the city down the road.  

     Be sure and tune in to the council meeting this evening.  If political farce, grandstanding and pandering happens to be your forte, you will be amused.  Sadly, when all is said and done, you will also be picking up the tax tab for all the misdirection, lack of fiscal responsibility and appeasement politics imaginable — as led by QueenB VD — due to wanting to reduce the tax rate.

………………………Mark Holbrook


1)  DMN, Avi Selk, 09-18-14:

2)  Torofeca filter: Staff of the CCR should point out that neither Google or Webster’s dictionary reflects a definition for torofeca.  The reason for this is simple...we coined the term.  To assist the word impaired, we offer this flimsy explanation: toro = bull; feca = feces.  We are confident that you now understand -- in a polite sense -- what local politicos have been spreading in the city when it comes to personal agendas...political torofeca.  The filter will assist readers in knowing the true meaning of what a politico is spouting.  Order yours now from the CCR for only $19.95.  If you order today, we’ll ship two for just $19.95.  Postage and handling ($725.21) not included.