Friday, September 19, 2014

CCR/DW 09-19-14: One Lump, Please

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1)  QueenB [a.k.a. mayor of Irving] wanted a one and a half cent tax rate decrease...didn't get it. Her Pet Rocks reduce rate only 1/2-cent. Will suffer her wrath later!

2)  QueenB [a.k.a. mayor of Irving] upset w/Pet Rocks not approving her full tax rate decrease. Heads will roll, wrath will be severe! 

(Is QueenB addressing her Pet Rocks a violation of the OMA?)


PostScript: All hell, the important impotent queen!  
     Well, this went rather badly for the queen and her Tea sipping pals.  Unable to corral her Pet Rocks, she is probably depressed and distraught she couldn’t fully cripple the city’s finances with her preposterous tax rate reduction plan of $0.015.  Early word is her Tea sipping pals have restricted her to just one lump of sugar in her future tea servings…until she can regain control.

     But wait, the Pet Rocks should be very leery…her memory for vengeance and retribution is long and strong.  (One council member can already attest to this.) 

    While the bumbling Pet Rocks of the city council did succumbed to a 1/2-cent tax rate reduction, the reality is this was not what the queen wanted.  Nay, demanded!

     And what does this 1/2-cent rate reduction mean to the average tax payer?  Nothing!  The differential of taxes due will not even register on tax statements as a result of increased appraised values this year.  

     What does the rate reduction mean for the viability of the city?  Plenty!  This rate reduction reduces the city budget by about $900,000.  These funds would have allowed: the dire needs of the fire department to be met, ICTN programming to continue without change, a south Irving recreational center developed and other important citizen’s requests and obligations.  

     Instead, the citizenry has been severely short changed…with even issues of public safety not being met with this rate reduction.  While foregoing the sound advice of the city manager and staff, the queen and Pet Rocks even managed to dig their money grubbing paws into the pilfering of funds from the city’s Historical Museum to plow into the future financial black hole of the Texas Musicians Museum.

     Finally, staff of the CCR wishes Chief PR-LaMorgese a speedy recovery.  It appears he was having breathing difficulties resulting from nose placement while parroting the queen’s talking points on why the tax rate should be reduced.  If only he could have tweeted this important information — unlike his work session activities of tweeting random information — as to who made this pledge: ‘When the city has addressed the recession issues, the council will reduce the tax rate.’

     Name please…and Tommy Gonzalez doesn’t count.  After all, he is part and parcel of why city budgets had to be increased this year to restore the draconian cuts, personnel shifts and diversion of funds for his personal pet projects.  (A fact the queen conveniently overlooks!)

     Under the interim city manager and the new city manager, these issues had been addressed only to witness the queen and Pet Rocks disregard sound fiscal advice and projected infrastructure needs to score political points and exercise their Lilliputian brain synapses.

     The next financial calamity, in the city, will occur when the queen brings her single source developer (OliverMcMillan) back to the council for the Pet Rocks to approve her Tennis Center on the old Texas Stadium site
     Will the Pet Rocks be back in appeasement and co-dependency form by then? 


P.S. Kudos to the three non-Pet Rock council members who voted against the tax rate reduction and budget.  Apparently, they understood what the queen and Pet Rocks could not fathom...sound information and advice.