Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CCR/DW 09-24-14: Elections Needed With Autocracy?

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Silence = Consent? Council members mute on Open Letter re: QueenB (mayor of Irving) signs for Time Warner/Comcast monopolistic merger. Autocracy rules?


PostScript:  To be fair about this particular tweet, the CCR is not a recognized newspaper or media outlet that can essentially demand a response to anything.  
   However, one might anticipate that when the Queen ventures outside her realm and affixes her signature to a letter for the monopolistic merger of Time Warner/Comcast without city council authorization or approval, shouldn’t at least one of the eight council members be upset?  Nay, a bit ticked off.
   Unless council members individually discussed this issue, in private with the queen or in executive session, then voters are not realizing the full measure of their elected council representatives.  The queen’s signature, in support of the merger on behalf of the city, infers the full force, effect and consent of the council as weighing in on this issue.
   Irving cable subscribers should anticipate that this merger could create the proper atmosphere for higher rates should the FCC approve the request by Time Warner/Comcast.
   Since the CCR apparently doesn’t have the ear of the council, maybe they would enjoy hearing from a few Irving cable subscribers.  Just a thought.
   Following is the letter (not previously sent to CCR readers) requesting council responses:

September 13, 2014
TO: Irving City Council Members
Brad LaMorgese
Gerald Farris
Tom Spink
Oscar Ward
John Danish
Dennis Webb
Allan Meagher
Joe Putnam

FR: Mike Howard

cc: Beth Van Duyne, City Manager, City Secretary

SUBJ: Commitment of the City of Irving to Potential Cable Merger

     A recent CCR report (9-7-14) discussed the potential merger between Time Warner and Comcast cable companies being considered by the Federal Communications Commission.  The impact of this merger could have a chilling effect on cable subscribers in Irving.  
     While the mayor has stated her position (by signing a letter, with fifty-one other mayors, as provided by the US Conference of Mayors) for this merger on behalf of the city, it is only fair to inquire: As an elected member of the city council, do you agree with the position the mayor has taken as representing the city of Irving and your interest?
     It is understood there has been no discussion and the council was not polled regarding this issue prior to the mayor signing on behalf of the city.
     Please reply directly to this e-mail with your responses.  The information will be accumulated, compiled and included in a report to the CCR readership list.  As tax payers and cable subscribers, citizens need to know where their elected officials stand on an issue of this magnitude which effects their personal income and Internet communications freedom.

Do you support the merger of the Time Warner and Comcast cable companies?
Yes / No
Do you believe there should be Net Neutrality for all Internet users regardless of service provider?*
Yes / No
Should the entire council have voted on a matter of this importance prior to the city being committed to a defined position by virtue of the mayor’s singular endorsement?
Yes / No

     It would be helpful to have all responses returned by September 19, 2014.  Lack of providing a response will reflect a "No Comment" as being noted for your position on this issue when a follow-up CCR report is produced.
     In the interim, this open letter will be posted to the CCRs blog.

Net Neutrality means an Internet that enables and protects free speech. It means that Internet service providers should provide us with open networks — and should not block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks.  ("Save the Internet," FreePress, )