Sunday, October 5, 2014

CCR 10-05-14: Diagnosis: Contagious Apathy

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

     In case you haven’t been paying attention, there are definitely some things scarier than the reported case of the Ebola virus in Dallas.  Well, maybe not as scary unless one is genuinely a concerned citizen of Irving.     

     The Ebola virus is a definite and potentially deadly threat.  The virus must be contained and all efforts to search for those who have come in contact with an affected person must be made.  While there is no need to panic or increase your paranoid medications, due diligence (and washing your hands frequently…you’re welcome) is necessary.  

     Of course, attempting to be accurately informed of current circumstances is difficult to achieve when all the PR-spinmeisters for governmental agencies, working on this medical and political issue, continue to spew platitudes of "we’ve got this under control, so don’t worry" in their press conferences.  Do they really?!  

     For unvarnished accounts of what has transpired with the first case of Ebola in the country, Dallas specifically, look to those who are providing factual documentation(1,2,3&4)…not headlines and photo ops for voter consumption, much as Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has continued to do.  (QueenB VD should be concerned another elected official is garnering more publicity and photo ops than she is…assuming she might actually be in town during this crisis!)

     In Irving, a multi-strain virus, which could severely affect tax payers, voters and casual observers of city events is on the verge of reaching pandemic stages if left uncontrolled or treated.  The Center for Disease Control has informed Irving officials the city faces a real financial threat with the Irvbola virus.

     The Irvbola virus is best described as attacking weak, ill-informed and politically naive citizens.  The common and primary symptom for those who contract the Irvbola virus is that the individual is not willing to participate or be concerned with the governing affairs of their city.  

     While the Irvbola virus threat looming on Irving’s horizon does not pose any deadly consequences, citizens must be alert and report any contact or encounters with carriers of the disease to officials immediately.  Only through due diligence can an alert citizenry and an informed public stop the threat of spreading this virus of political indifference.    

     And since there is no singular treatment or quarantine efforts available to affect a permanent cure for this malady, there are civic-OTC remedies available to help keep the threat of the  Irvbola virus at a minimum and from spreading.  

     But first, the Irvbola virus carriers, which could cause one to stay awake during bedtime hours with an extreme case of night sweats, stomach nausea and weight loss due to their personal finances draining away must be recognized.  Newly contaminated individuals will be observed as having an anemic wallet due to coming in contact with a known carrier.  The present carriers of the Irvbola virus are:

OliverMcMillan: The consulting firm will be returning to the city council for approval of their development plans for the old Texas Stadium site.  After being released from the queen’s Tower of Obedience,  the grand slam announcement will be made…a Tennis Center should must be constructed on the city’s property.  (In the photo op for this announcement, observe the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies with her flock circling high overhead — like carrion birds over a potential meal — ready to: attack any dissident to this proposal; or return any member of the consulting team to the Tower of Obedience should they falter in their enthusiasm.)  A Tennis Center is the primary issue QueenB VD would like to post in her highly tainted legacy album.     

Pet Rocks: Council members LaMorgese and Spink, whose terms expire this election season, are up for re-election.  While this would definitely please QueenB VD for them to run again, could the city stand an additional three years of being divided by the ‘meme’ course of inane actions constantly dictated by the queen?  (And certainly, the tweeting by LaMorgese of mundane, non-city affairs during serious council budget review work sessions would not be missed.)  Isn’t it time for voters to move Irving out of the Stone Age? 

Ethics Policy:  When the Whistle Stop proposal finally returns for city council consideration, just how ethical will QueenB VDs actions conform to the ‘fluffy’ ethics policy revisions she managed to have approved with just a single vote margin?  With one of the partners of the Whistle Stop development proposal being a major contributor and supporter of the queen and another of the partners currently serving on the city council, will the queen attempt to hide under her ‘cloak of invisibility’ by not following her ethic prescripts of transparency and the handling of discretionary contracts?  After all, when the proposal returns, it will be under the guise of: a single source developer with no competitive bids being taken.  Isn’t this contrary to all the queen’s campaign promises and the incessant blathering she offered while attempting to pass her ‘flaky’ revised ethics policy?  This should be the ultimate test of: Is the ‘sauce served for the goose the same for the gander?  (Of course, all this must assume the queen knows what an oven is and how to turn one on.)

     After contacting the Center for Disease Control for treatment options of Irvbola, staff of the CCR developed a medical regime which might cause the symptoms to become dormant and remain in remission.  However, the doses must be taken as noted to achieve improvement:

  • Vote in every election (city, school bored and even State and National) without fail.
  • Read all the blather politicos mail to become aware of those who are pandering for votes, or genuinely able to effect changes as stated. 
  • Remember the voting record of any incumbent, as they will want you to forget all their past transgressions and malfeasance of actions.
  • Send e-mails to council members when an agenda item is not in the best interest of the city or appears to be an issue favoring cronies, developers or major campaign contributors.
  • Call a council member when their position on an issue, as pledged during a campaign, is 180° from what an informed citizen might remember, or expect from the elected official.
  • Do not be fearful of expressing your thoughts or opinions with others, or sharing them with local social media outlets: FaceBook, Twitter, letters to the NeighborsGo editor and, of course, sending copies of the CCR reports to your e-mail list.  (Note: Gratuitous plugs for CCR report re-distribution is not considered a breach of wordsmithing ethics.)
  • Not following these regimens can cause an acute case of voter remorse to later occur.

     Remember, you cannot feel good about the condition the city is in currently, or the potential the city has for the future unless you stop the spread of the Irvbola virus.  If you don’t act and follow sound non-medical CCR advice, then the knucklehead virus carriers win.

…………………………………..Mark Holbrook

NOTES:  Considering the following articles, it appears Irving’s reporter of record for city and school district issues, Avi Selk, has scored a Trifecta of consecutive front page reports in the Dallas Morning News.  Couple this with his facing the keg lights on a live Fox News discussion, one has to wonder if the rapping on his front door might be Mr. Pulitzer, or just Bill O’Reilly trembling over a possible replacement.

4)  Fox News, Avi Selk, 10-04-14: