Friday, October 3, 2014

CCR/DW 10-03-14: Cutting Stubble

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City Council to spend $497,064 for Pavement Condition Survey. Cheap Clue: Ask citizens where all the pot holes are and follow up w/repairs!


PostScript:  Item #15 for the October 9, 2014 city council agenda has the item noted above set for approval.  For those who have ciphering problems, $497,064 is squeaky close to being a half-million dollars.  
  While staff of the CCR uses Gillette products, this appears to be the perfect time to drag out Occam’s razor and give the city a helping hand with their shaving needs.  Here’s a simple solution and cost estimate to determine which streets require attention today and in the very near future:

$ 5,000  Hire 50 individuals @ $100 each to drive every street in Irving on a Sunday morning.
   2,000  Gas for individuals @ $40 each.
   3,000  Purchase new MacBook computer to store street data accumulated by drivers.
$10,000  Total cost to survey and determine which streets in the city require repairing.

   Maybe the city council should review their personal shaving implements and consider switching to Occam’s razors.  At least, these products will not cause razor burns on tax payers.

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