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CCR/DW 10-08-14: Hey, Tom Bodett

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Still anti-ARK, inform QueenB (Irving mayor) a boutique hotel not the same as probably her hotel of choice..Motel 6. Her negativism is spiking!


PostScript: He we go again!  An item on the city council agenda (#10) for tomorrow evening will allow ARK, the developer of the Entertainment Center, to proceed with plans to develop a boutique hotel on the site.  All this detail is spelled out in the council’s agenda packet.

   The reason this is on the agenda is due to the developer, originally schedule to build a Convention Center hotel, not being able to secure their funding to proceed.  Their agreement with the city has now lapsed.  

   This means the city will have to re-package the Convention Center hotel proposal and seek another developer to enter the picture.  The time line, for this action to reach fruition, would mean a hotel could not be completed until probably 2017.  This timeline would be after the main Entertainment Center project, developed by ARK, would be operational and online.  Everyone knows, a hotel of some description is necessary for the venues which will be visiting the Entertainment Center.

   When the boutique hotel proposal was discussed in today’s council work session, QueenB VD attempted to throw every brick she could find on the rails and provided another of her obstinate train wreck attempts aimed at derailing ARK.  (Remember, she was a minority vote and did not approve ARK to be the developer of the Entertainment Center!)  While none of her arguments today appeared to slow the council’s train of action, she was obnoxiously persistent in her attempts.  (In fact, her chief Pet Rock, LaMorgese, was stumbling to assist her, but didn’t seem to have all the proper weasel words to register total agreement or compliance with her dictates.)   

   With council approval, ARK will proceed with plans to build a boutique hotel in order to have something available for the entertainment venues schedule to appear in the Entertainment Center before the Convention Center hotel is developed.  The boutique hotel will not be counter productive or a competitive hickey when the main Entertainment Center hotel is developed.  And the best part of all this?  The total development and construction cost of the boutique hotel will be funded by ARK.  No funding by the city will be required!  

   Seriously, QueenB VDs patina of leadership is turning an ingenuous green (Her mantra: not my idea, not a good deal.) and only glows when there is a photo op involved.  Isn’t it time for the queen to start conducting affairs of the city like a mayor and not a publicity craving elected official who might be suffering from: NPD, AHD, PPP and J&HD?  (Acronyms identified in the "Glossary of the CCR.")

   Would someone "leave the light on" for QueenB VD…at the Motel 6?
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