Thursday, October 9, 2014

CCR/DW 10-09-14: Metamorphic Rocks?

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Pet Rocks: Voting for city’s best or following QueenBs (Irving mayor) petty & obstinate anti-ARK/boutique hotel tonight? CCR to recap Friday!


PostScript: The decision for QueenB VDs Pet Rocks should be rather simple, but then citizens have to contend with the fact they are Pet Rocks and have continuously demonstrated a lack of independent thinking.

   ARK wants to commit, on tonight’s city council agenda, to a boutique hotel on the Entertainment Center site which will not impair the city’s ability to contract for the planned Convention Center hotel.  What makes this proposal by ARK even more appealing is the fact no city funds will be required for the project.  ARK foots the entire bill for the boutique hotel.

   Staff of the CCR would contend this is a definite: Win-Win situation and a No Brainer on the council’s part.  But then again, we are not sure of the quantity of cerebral matter residing in a Pet Rock’s cranium. (If in fact any does.)

   Of course, QueenB VD will threaten, attempt political coercion and sic the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies on her Pet Rock collection prior to the meeting.  This activity will probably cause her PPP to spike.  But isn’t this an issue on her side of the fence anyway?  

   This being the case, staff of the CCR will have to go to the laboratory and determine not only the amount of gray matter a Pet Rock might have, but do Pet Rocks actually have the cojones to do what is best for the city?  After all, isn’t this the stated role of a council member…always act in the best interest of the city and not for some personal and petty agenda?

   Tune in tomorrow for a recap of how a good, valid, unencumbered development project faired when Pet Rocks have to consider the city’s interest and not a queenly dictate.

P.S. If watching the meeting tonight, the boutique hotel item is #10 on the agenda.  Additional information concerning the development proposal is found on the city’s web site at:

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