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CCR/DW 10-26-14: Revelations 3: 7-9

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In another petulant display QueenB (Irving mayor) goes beyond any other mayor by chastising fellow members in a public forum. How distasteful!

Oops! QueenBs (Irving mayor) dictate to purge and take over city committees w/Pet Rocks not approved & postponed. Vindictiveness to follow.

For all serfs, peons and non-Pet Rocks, QueenB (Irving mayor) has new council mantra: "Do you know who I am? Do you realize I am in charge?"


PostScript:  Just when you thought QueenB VD couldn’t become more unpalatable, she reached a new high in obnoxious petulance.  In fact, her PMS (Petulance Meter Spiking) reached the red line zone at the city council work session on October 22, 2014.

   (Visit ICTN video on-demand for her performance in her attempting to look professional.)

   Getting ahead of the topic: Staff of the CCR cannot remember any previous mayor who, in the course of an open and public meeting of the city council, proceeded to browbeat fellow council members over any topic which had little or no bearing on the efficient running of the city.  This just wasn’t done by previous mayors or classy individuals who were in leadership positions in the city and skillfully cognizant of personnel management principles. 

   (Maybe, Ivy League colleges instill a ‘forgetaboutit’ style of personnel management discourse in their core business curriculums.)  

   Common personnel practice: If an assumed leader has an issue with the actions or activities of another individual, then a one-on-one session is the best way to resolve a conflict of opinions or practices.  (Not e-mails or text messages!)  Slamming, condescension and the openly verbal mugging of an individual is not the hallmark of someone in a recognized leadership position…especially if the issue is aired before other subordinates or peers.  Rationale managers and professionals just don’t do this!   

   Back to the topic:  Attempting to demonstrate that all queenly edicts are right, good and should be followed to the letter of the queen’s law by serfs, peons and non-Pet Rock council members, QueenB VD positioned her Pet Rocks to assume full control over council committee assignments and agendas.  Think of her actions as a ‘midnight purge’ which would demonstrate her new mantra of brash egotism (see above).  And additional consideration could include vindictiveness on her part for certain council members.

   And what could bring the queen to this new level of council member debasement for non-Pet Rocks?  The pebble in the queen’s glass slipper was some council members’ committee meeting attendance.  Wow!  With all the genuine and germane issues confronting Irving, this is what the queen believes the citizenry is yearning for…city committees bruised from her heavy thumb pressing on the necks of fellow council members? 

   As expected, the queen’s verbal tirade had nothing to do with her spotted record of attending meetings when she was a mere council member.  Many remember her attitude of aloofness and as not even being interested in fulfilling her role as an identified council liaison to a city committee.  At least, she was not interested enough to have a very high attendance record.  (Would someone dig up the committee records for the queen’s attendance?  The CCR will publish them if you do.)

   All of the queen’s blathering (with scripted remarks), mane flipping and attempting to pose as the city’s leader during this council meeting just reinforced her self-satisfying tenet of "I am the queen and my words are the gospel."  (If her words are truly the Gospel According to BVD, then this might account for many in the realm moving to a community with more agnostic subscribers.) 

   What made the queen’s performance worse was her attempt to infer non-Pet Rocks just didn’t know how to communicate properly with her prior to placing her train wreck of verbal abuse on the tracks.  Really?  When has the queen demonstrated she was an actual team player and readily receptive to responding to issues emanating from a non-Pet Rock?  Again, remember when the queen served as a council member she clearly demonstrated team playing wasn’t included in her character attributes?

    In the city council work session, the queen huffed and puffed (allowing only 3-psi of ego inflation to be released into the atmosphere and damage the ozone layer) while reading her pre-prepared talking points of condescending remarks to chastise fellow non-Pet Rock council members over attendance at city committee meetings.  Disgusting! Unprofessional!  But then, this is QueeB VD at her finest.

   This latest destructive pontification by QueenB VD will only further erode the ability of the city to move forward in a positive and efficient manner.  Her PMS on this issue has already caused one council member to resign from his queenly-dictated committee re-assignment.  And rightly so, as he noted the issue was not about what was best for the city, but how the queen’s new dictate was politically motivated only to satisfy her self-indulgence.

   And to this non-Pet Rock, Dennis Webb, who resigned his committee assignment, staff of the CCR believes the gospel he might be propagating supersedes what the queen would intone as her holy scriptures.  (At least Webb’s book is on the New York Times all-time best sellers list.)

    There is one ‘saving grace’ in the latest QueenB VD struggle for ultimate power and control…the council committee purge she attempted to initiate was postponed  (yeah for rational thinking) by a vote of the city council.  

   While all this may be a minor slap to the queen’s somewhat deflated ego, many hope the postponement of her committee purge will last as long as it takes for her ego to re-inflate from this setback…two years, hopefully?

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