Sunday, November 23, 2014

CCR/DW 11-23-14: Ad Hoc Mayhem

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QueenB (Irving mayor) speaks: New disarray w/no Community Service/Public Safety com. Webb & Meagher not on any committees. Autocracy reigns.

Webb and Meagher punished by QueenB (Irving mayor) for pointing out the fallacy of her poor city committee reshuffle. Queen wins…city loses!

Pet Rocks idle as QueenB (Irving mayor) makes shambles of city government. What will it take for Pet Rocks to awaken for betterment of city?


PostScript:  What do Barack Obama (president) and Beth Van Duyne (Irving mayor) have in common?  One believes he is a king, while the other believes she is a queen.  And each flaunts their perceived political status and actions…as if this was true.

   Actually, scientists have calculated the egos of these two individuals, when stuffed in "Jerry’s AT&T World Amusement and Bloated Ego Park," would seep out the roof and flood the streets of Arlington.

   Yes, QueenB VD is at it again and the Pet Rocks sit idly by drooling while she continues to press forward with her egocentric agenda that does more harm than good to the city.  Her latest effort is to scramble all the city’s committees, which advise the council, and actually shun members of the council from being committee liaisons.  While hard to believe, this is just another view of the dark side of Irving’s mayor.  (This is the side not seen when the flashes are popping for all of her to frequent mane flipping and photo op sessions.)

   While the queen attempts to pass off her flakey committee restructuring as a means to better serve the city, those in the know realize this is just another power grab by her to stuff cronies and supporters in positions to always favor what she shovels down the line.  And with the queen, there is always a lot of Torofeca being shoveled down the line.

   To some, this latest egocentric flash of the queen might seem like little to do over nothing.  Not true.  When one cedes to the whims of an autocrat, then it is only a matter of time before matters of more significance imperils the very fabric of what should be a working democracy.  (In this case, a working democracy doesn't infer Pet Rocks who only vote and do what they are instructed by the queen.)

   With little or no comment from the Pet Rock contingency, the queen even appears to have taken over where former city manager Tommy Gonzalez left off.  While the chaos of his aftermath has not been totally resolved, the compounding of issues, designed to satisfy queenly egocentric demands, will leave the city in another pit of self-aggrandizing projects and fluffy issues.

   But then, staff of the CCR only notes issues the general citizenry should be discussing, writing or grousing about with QueenB VD and her Pet Rock contingency.  After all, there will not be light at the end of this dark, mismanaged tunnel until the switch of involvement from the silent majority is flipped on.

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