Friday, December 12, 2014

CCR/DW 12-12-14: Burning Butts

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Prayers before city council meetings don't seem to be working. Each religious leader continues to ask for 'divine guidance' for the council.

This just in: Is QueenBs (Irving mayor) smoking ordinance ban also another dig at  arch enemy ARK for future EC restaurants and development?

Someone call the EMTs as QueenB (Irving mayor) is being mauled over her autocratic smoking ordinance scam. Even her campaign donors oppose!

QueenB (Irving mayor) is in ICU due to mauling & postponement of her autocratic smoking ban end run. It will be handled properly when returned.


PostScript:  The only way to describe last evenings city council meeting, where the chamber was packed, is:
BINGO Ladies  1
QueenB VD       0

   Without a doubt, QueenB VDs attempt to sneak a total smoking ban ordinance, through the council in an autocratic manner, went up in smoke.  Even her puffy rejoinders and shabby comments to justify her inane actions — as to how she placed the item on the agenda in a stealth manner — were as murky as year-old bong water.

   In a 5-4 vote, the council moved for an indefinite postponement of the extreme ban pushed by the queen.  (So much for her having a photo op after the council meeting, but 'beautiful downtown Irving' is once again safe.)

   After the vote, the queen stomped her feet, flipped her mane, pouted and stridently vowed to have the issue returned in January.  However, she was corrected by Danish concerning how the  item would be returned.  

   Danish’s remarks noted that the issue will be returned to a council work session agenda to finalize the ordinance for public input.  Then, the ordinance would be placed on the next city council agenda.  This process would provide the citizenry a genuine opportunity to review and comment on the actual ordinance under consideration.  

   (The ordinance the queen previously had placed on the agenda was the one not favored by many council members and instituted a total ban on smoking in the city as developed by the city’s health committee.)

   As expected by the 5-4 vote, three of the Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris and Spink) blindly aligned with QueenB VD.  Their efforts only allowed them to assist in scraping the egg off of the mayor's face for the mishandling of this political ploy.  

   However, there may be a slight fissure in the Pet Rock contingency as Ward drifted away from the dark side of the council dais to vote against the queen’s dictate to approve her political posturing on this issue.

   Warning — The following individuals are subject to future vengeance and wrath from QueenB VD for speaking or opposing her egotistical move to pass the smoking ban ordinance: BINGO ladies, restaurant owners and donors, citizens, council members and small business owners.  You now have a large target on your back.  You should probably check the sky for potential Flying Harpy attacks, too.  After all, the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies does not like it when someone crosses the queen…on any subject.  (And there is no doubt the queen will seek some means in her attempt to punish those who did not do her bidding.)

   Finally, the 2.6 earthquake that juggled the city about the time the smoking ban ordinance was being wrapped up (12-11-14) was not due to fracking.  The slight seismic shift was just the queen stomping her feet and dashing off to catch her carriage to return to her north Irving castle behind the gated walls.

   Kudos to Putnam, Webb, Meagher, Danish and recently reformed(?) Pet Rock Ward for handling this issue for the betterment of the city and those whose business interest in the city which were threatened by QueenB VDs gross mismanagement and egotistical approach to conducting affairs of the city.

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