Monday, February 2, 2015

CCR 02-02-15: Gold Star Quest

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Here we go again!  When QueenB VD doesn’t get her way, she will do just about anything (mostly inane, foolish, or imbecilic) to redirect the spotlight so it shines on her and not the entire council.

   And this appears to be where she is headed with the re-re-re-revised smoking ordinance.  No, staff of the CCR isn’t stuttering.  This just represents the number of times the issue has been bounced around by the council.  

   The following item is set for the February 4, 2015, city council work session.  There is no detail as the item was posted on the agenda by the queen.  (Probably only a couple of her Pet Rocks had advance knowledge this would be on the agenda.)

3  Election on Smoking Ordinance (As Requested By mayor Van Duyne)

   The operative word here is ELECTION!

   Does QueenB VD want to conduct a special ‘election’ for an issue which should rightfully be decided by the council?  Or does she want to use this ruse as a ballot talking point during the upcoming council elections to garner support for Pet Rocks?  

   There have been public forums, council work sessions and cute red t-shirt gatherings (at the last earthquake meeting) concerning the smoking ordinance.  Of course, QueenB VD even attempted to demonstrate that red shirted folks outside Irving think she should enact a total smoking ban in the city.

   One problem.  Some council members are more interested in doing what is best for the city and the business community than putting a gold ego-star on a political resumé as the queen apparently wants.  After all, the city’s tax base is largely produced by businesses that pay the bills for city operations.  Should they have to also pay for an inflated ego?  

   The current draft of the smoking ordinance, which the council will propose, is scheduled to be placed on a future agenda.  

   And this is the real issue: QueenB VD doesn’t like the revised smoking ordinance!  Or, she doesn’t want to have the issue placed on a regular agenda where the votes might not favor a total smoking ban.  Really, both items fit why she is attempting to circumvent the council. 

   Why?  Those actions don’t have ‘gold star’ quality for her political, promotional and photo op purposes and needs.

   Instead, the queen would rather attempt to by-pass the council in an effort to insist she is the sole arbitrator of what should be done in the city with regard to the smoking ordinance.  Doing this genuinely treats the other elected officials as pawns or serfs who are supposed to bow to her dictates.  (This action by the queen is tantamount to the individuals not even being elected officials.)

   Here’s a clue for the queen: Can you count to five?  And therein may be where the problem actually resides…a majority of the council conceivably does not favor a total smoking ban in the city.  Period.

   The question then becomes: Will the queen’s four Pet Rocks succumb to another self-aggrandizing dictate, or will they do what is best for the city and those businesses wanting less governmental intervention in their affairs?  (Someone should quickly notify the Bingo ladies!)

   Also, one has to realize QueenB VD has two Pet Rocks up for re-election (LaMorgese and Spink).  LaMorgese, who lives in the same northern area of the city as the queen, has seldom, if ever, not followed the talking points or dictates she has promoted.  Spink, on the other hand, does appear more rational and a freer thinker when the city’s (not the queen’s) best interests are at hand. 

   Sadly, NPD spikes are starting to occur in the city about as frequently as earthquakes.  Thus far, the earthquakes have not registered any damage of significance.  If only the same was true with the actions of QueenB VD regarding city affairs.

   Finally, it is hoped QueenB VD will at least park her "peeing in the pool" analogy when the smoking ordinance is discussed this week.  Her analogy, like her wanting an ‘election’ on this issue, is seriously all wet.

…………………………Mark Holbrook