Monday, March 9, 2015

CCR 03-09-15 Cloud Secrets

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   The two things terribly wrong with the entire political system, which a number of low information voters fail to understand, are: money and communications.

   In previous reports, staff of the CCR has noted money as being the worst spoiler of a politico and his actions as an elected official.  As is often the case, money — mainly provided by Sugar Daddy donors, special interest groups, PACs and single source developers — does talk and politicos have very receptive ears for listening.  Green backs have cured more political hearing difficulties on special interest issues than treatment with Vetoquinol® ear cleaning solution.

   And if you believe a politico when they react to how money doesn’t influence how they might perceive an issue or their voting, then you are at the head of the class for the type of supporter a politico will salivate over.  In fact, you may still be the individual contributing to the belief of the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Mrs. Adeyemi Tejumola of Nigera wanting to deposit $36M in your bank account to protect her deceased husband’s estate…once you give her your bank account transfer number, etc.

   After a politico has your attention, as you ignore their large campaign war chest, the next phase of their cloak of non-accountability is communications…or lack there of, or filtered, or parsed, or as recently uncovered — Hillary Clinton’s Computer Nerd Colony in her New York home.  

   One can already hear HRC shouting to the media,"What difference does it make?" in decibel levels that would make a Boeing® 777 jet engine sound like a purring kitten.  

   (That last statement might not be accurate, as HRC doesn’t even want to address this apparent illegal activity with the media.  Unless, of course, one considers the lame, non-explanatory tweet she recently issued. ) 

     While others will determine the final outcome for Clinton’s non-transparent and secretive approach to conducting the government’s business outside established legal channels, one can safely assume she purposefully didn’t want prying eyes knowing what she was really up to.

   Once a potential political supporter is on the hook, most politicos firmly believe in telling their constituents exactly what they want to hear in rambling, non-sequitur, and fluffy rhetoric.  Facts and truth have little bearing when attempting to cover-up or hide issues from public scrutiny.  With today’s technology, the task is made even easier.  Believe it!

   And this brings us to ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  If the city is currently operating under self-assumed regal authority, is there a need or desire for secretive communication methods?

   Do you think it possible QueenB VD could create a similar taciturn communication system to sate all her control needs and issues of having the voting public only know what she wants them to know? 

   Think how this could easily be done.  Considering possibilities, the queenly non-transparency system could be established as: TheQueen@ NPD1.realm.  The queen’s super secret communication vehicle would be controlled and monitored by the Mother Superior of Flying Harpies to ensure no breaches, unwarranted truth seeking reporters, or other snoops attempt to hack or crash the system to understand what is actually going on in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  (The control group of those in the know would be strictly limited by the queen.)

   Properly operated, QueenB VD could develop a new political technology platform to handle: secretive directives to her Chief Pet Rock, LaMorgese (C-PRLaM@ NPD1.realm). 

   LaMorgese, as the chief mouthpiece for the queen at council meetings, work sessions and other photo op events, would be issued an exclusive account to utilize when communicating directives to other Pet Rocks as dictated by her highness. 

   (Accounts would also be established for: Farris: PR2@ NPD1.realm; Spink: PR3@ NPD1.realm; the jury is still out if Ward will be included in this clandestine information sharing.  Ward’s recent spoiler vote on the queen’s total smoking ban ruse and ploy might have created a queenly Trojan virus on his iPhone.  However, if he is included in the Pet Rock fold, his designation would certainly be PR-Rat@ NPD1.ream.) 

   The overall purpose of having a secret and separate communication system by QueenB VD, apart from the city issued or personal iPhones, would be to turn the Open Meeting Act section, of what constitutes a "walking quorum," into a dense Cloud of Secrecy of covert communications.  This would mean the Texas Ethics Commission should consider codifying a new OMA regulation which would deal with — unofficial black op systems.  If nothing else, make it possible to easily obtain the records of "personal" electronic device accounts for those in public service.  

   Certainly, separate accounts could also be established for the queen’s Sugar Daddy donors, single source developers, and red meat conservative Tea sippers on her unforthcoming system.  After all, these individuals might be included in discussions when the queen is wearing her Cloak of Invisibility if conduct unofficial city business.

   So, when you witness QueenB VD busily and secretly thumbing text messages or e-mails during Chamber of Commerce events, meetings where she doesn’t support the issue being discussed, inquiring about her next photo op, budget review sessions, or scheduling an appearance on Fox News* to discuss — while not a lawyer, but tending to act like one — constitutional law, cut her some slack…she is doing her business, not the business elected to perform.  And you, uninformed constituent, are not required or needed to know this business.

   To be sure, this is how the queen’s carriage rolls utilizing self-anointed regal authority without serfs and peons ever being aware their kingdom is not a model for democratic representative government, but rather self-aggrandizing queenly dictates.

…………………………………Mark Holbrook

  • Note:  Only those with stout constitutions would want to watch the queen’s glamor blathering regarding Sharia law in the following clip.  Advance to the nearly 1:00 minute mark for the queen’s red meat conservative Tea sipping babbling.  Also, notice all the law books in the background in an attempt to add weight to her scripted remarks: