Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CCR 04-01-15 Fooling Irving

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

Disclaimer: This is not an April Fool’s Day report!

   Today’s question:  What team is QueenB VD really playing on…Team Irving, or some new political team she has yet to identify?  Does her current title need to be downgraded from mayor to Part-part-time mayor?

   We would contact the queen and ask those and many other questions, but it seems she is reluctant to respond to any legitimate media questions (not that the CCR is legitimate)…unless the questions come from some red meat conservative jihadist Tea sipping outlet, or one designed to provide a photo op and fluffy text.

   Let’s start with the basics.  QueenB VD recently announced she was under "attack" and was attempting to "fight" for the Constitution against imaginary foes.  To do so, she needed folks to contribute mega-bucks to the Beth Van Duyne for Mayor slush fund…even though she is not on the ballot this election cycle.  

   This apparent money grubbing activity is as a direct result of her actions (and her Pet Rock collection kowtowing to dictates) to pass a city resolution approving a proposed State item that had no bearing or benefit to Irving’s citizenry.  

   (And those attempting to defend the queen’s original statements and later pandering are considerably blind to the actual facts of the matter.)

   If her actions, in this instance, were not pandering enough for low information supporters, then the next series of questions evolve from selected information obtained from the January 15, 2015, campaign finance report signed by the queen.  (Remember, this was after she had already won the May 10, 2014, mayoral election.)
BVD Campaign Report Filing
January 10, 2015

1.  Cash: balance in campaign account: $11,887.80
(Note: Karen Ellis gave another $5,000 during this period.)
     Outstanding campaign loans:  $30,000

Questions: Who is the $30,000 owed to?  What is the current status of the loan repayment?  What plans are being made to repay the loan?  What is the total amount that the Ellis family has donated or provided in-kind to the queen during her tenure as mayor?

2.  Expenses:
08-08-14  $3,500 payment to Marathon Strategic Communications, Dallas, TX*
09-02-14  $2,500 payment to Marathon Strategic Communications, Dallas, TX*
11-30-14  $2,500 payment to Marathon Strategic Communications, Dallas, TX*
(Payments were for "strategy consultations.") 

Questions:  What Irving ‘strategy’ did she need to spend $8,500 to master?  Is she so out of touch with Irving needs and issues she needs this level of ‘coaching?’  Is this ‘coaching’ for purposes other than Irving issues?  Did this ‘coaching’ assist her while touring the red meat conservative jihadist Tea sipping circuit spreading misinformation regarding the State resolution she had her Pet Rocks pass?  Why were the payments for these ‘consulting’ services necessary at this time…after an election?  How much ‘strategy’ does it take to function as the mayor of Irving?  Is the real ‘strategy’ needed to keep the Pet Rock collection in line to follow her dictates?  Should some local politico in a higher office be looking over their shoulder now that she has a ‘strategy?’  Will the ‘strategy’ employed use some of her slush fund bucks to assist two of her Pet Rocks (LaMorgese and Spink) running for re-election this cycle? 

   For a mayor who campaigned on revising the city’s ethics code and ensuring voters that city business would be open, one has to wonder how many "cloaks of invisibility" QueenB VD has in her wardrobe.  Has she really leveled with folks as to why she is wanting to collect money for her mayor’s slush fund?  

   Recent issues involving single source developers, jaunting to Las Vegas to conduct pseudo-city business, and the current sham of soliciting bucks for a self-constructed issue (her self-imagined and fictitious "war" and attack on the Constitution) to gin support and money from low information supporters, leaves one to wonder: Is QueenB VD a Part-part-time mayor, or a full-time campaigner for another political office that only serves Tea at campaign events?

   Depending on those answers, Irving is still being shortchanged and citizen’s interests cannot compete with QueenB VDs ‘strategy’ of promoting herself with self-anointed ambitions at the expense of others.

   All of this leads to the CCRs new ‘strategy’ of following the queen’s money trail!  

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

*  Will an $8,500 expenditure by QueenB VD really cure a self-aggrandizing attitude identified, by the Dallas Morning News, as being Aloof, Haughty and Dismissive?  (Perhaps, her faux fund raising should go to a relief effort to assist AHD sufferers.)

Was the use of this consulting firm necessary for the "war" she is engaged in?  Really, a "war" to collect as may bucks as possible to conduct business not even related to Irving concerns?  Or perhaps, the info gained in consulting sessions will be used for opposition research in her next political battle.  (Seems like these types of activities would fit well with her Flying Harpy flock assignments.)

    Here’s a blurb from her $8,500 ‘strategy’ provider’s web site:

Marathon’s intelligence for a client regarding weaknesses in his opponent’s public and personal record caused the public to view the opponent as unfit for elected office.  Our client won handily.