Monday, March 30, 2015

CCR/DW 03-30-15 Blooming Idiots

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Staff of the CCR apologizes for stuffing your e-mail boxes over the weekend, but things are starting to pop in the city.

   For instance:  QueenB VD is off on a phony money grubbing crusade to suck in cash for the fictitious "war" she has created for her red meat conservative jihadist Tea sippers (and Pet Rock re-election campaigns); city council campaigning will soon reach fourth gear and the annual stuffing of mailboxes with Pet Rock-incumbent blather will commence; early voting to, hopefully, change the dynamics at city hall starts April 27th; and the city-garden needs immediate attention.

   With all this in mind, Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith for the CCR, has also been busy on his Twitter account.  Since the vast majority of you do not subscribe to this medium, the following are the "cats" he kicked over the weekend: 

@dylan1 Tweets

*  Dylan’s Ruff-ings: Without moderation and tolerance, extreme elements on each end of the political spectrum are ill-fated to all concerned.

*  Doubtful QueenB (Irving mayor) would comprehend/understand real issue over self-aggrandizing actions recently taken

*  QueenB (Irving mayor) once tagged by DMN as Aloof, Haughty and Dismissive can update resumé & add Money Grubbing, Tea Sippin’, Narcissism.

*  William Cowper Brann would never have writer’s block covering Irving’s politicos & chaos created by QueenB (Irving mayor) & her Pet Rocks.

   To be sure, under the dictates of QueenB VD City issues are not being handled properly and the divisiveness she has created with the acquiescence of her Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Spink, Farris and Ward) only perpetuates the problems.

   This is why CCR readers should become engaged now to assist in restoring city hall to the citizens.  Irving should not be controlled by a pseudo-monarch with strings tied to special interest groups, single source developers and unthinking council cohorts on puppet strings.

   As you begin to observe the campaign materials stuffed in your mailbox, here is the CCRs quick guide of candidates to support and vote for.  More detail will be provided later as to the rationale of these choices, but this short note should provide a clue as to why the individuals are worthy of your consideration.

Joe Putnam: Place 4 (you must live in this district to vote)
Joe Putnam has been a tireless advocate for the citizens living in this district.  He has unassumingly worked diligently to curb and curtail the inane actions and wasteful spending of the current administration while voting for the issues beneficial to the city.

Bill Mahoney: Place 6 (you must live in this district to vote)
Bill Mahoney has an impressive resumé of service to the community, our country and can think independently.  What makes him stand head and shoulders over his opponent is that he is not controlled by the same special interest concerns and single source developers which favor the mayor and her other council cohorts*.

David Palmer:  Place 8 (at-large district and vote is citywide) 
David Palmer is another independent thinker without ties to the special interest concerns and single source developers which favor the mayor and her council cohorts*.  His community service and dedication to the city is strikingly impressive.

   Yes, dear readers, March Madness will soon be over; the Ranges will have opened another season; and Jerry Jones will be trolling the parole list for his next Cowboys draft choice.
   What does all this mean?

   Spring has sprung.  Blooming idiots are breaking through the sandy loam.  And voters need to spray the council election crop to winnow out all the undesirable city-garden weeds being fertilized by the mayor. 

   Yes, it is now time to get out of your La-Z-Boys and demonstrate a bit of citizen concern by assisting in restoring Irving to the community it should be…not the one being dictated by a self-aggrandizing mayor and her council cohorts* who are running for re-election.

……………………………Mark Holbrook

The mayor’s council cohorts (Pet Rocks), running for re-election, are: LaMorgese and Spink.

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