Friday, May 1, 2015

CCR 05-01-15 Behind the 8-Ball

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   There is no doubt that Tom Spink — Irving City council member, Pet Rock for mayor BVD and candidate for re-election — has placed himself behind the proverbial political 8-Ball.  And this positioning, of course, is of his own doing.

   Without going into all the sordid details, Spink has utilized and claimed, on campaign materials and mailings, over the years that he had earned a law degree from an institution he had not attended.  

   While Spink does not want to directly respond to the queries of the DMN reporter, as to the veracity of his claims, until AFTER the election, staff of the CCR believes this matter is too important to withhold from voters.  The matter is serious enough, regarding the potential of falsifying personal achievements, that voters should know BEFORE casting their ballots.

   With this in mind, the CCR dispatched their ace investigative reporter, Dylan Westie, Executive editor and Part-time wordsmith, to conduct an exclusive interview with Spink. 

   To set the pace for the interview, Dylan eased into the real questions on all voters’ minds…why can’t Spink answer the DMNs questions before the election. This is why the initial ‘puff’ questions were asked by Dylan to set the tone for the later ‘hard ball’ ones.  

   Remember, all of Spink’s answers were derived from his use of his Magic Eight Ball©.   

THE Tom Spink interviewbefore election day (May 9th) and before his responding to the DMN after election day:

CCR Exclusive

To receive mayor BVDs undying endorsement, are you required to feed her Flying Harpy flock? 
It is decidedly so.
Is the FaceBook headquarters, for the Flying Harpy flock, being re-named KIBB (Keep Irving Biased and Bigoted)?
As I see it, yes.
If scratched, scathed or bitten by a Flying Harpy on KIBB, does the city’s medical coverage pay for treatments?
Most likely.
During your many years on the council, have you ever said more than three sentences on any one issue?
Better not tell you now.
How often does the mayor call, text or e-mail you to ensure you remember how to vote favorably on her pet issues?
Cannot predict now.
How is the election going?  Has withholding critical information from voters been helpful?
My sources say no.
Should voters know the genuinely stated educational background, as presented by the candidates, before voting?
Signs point to yes.
Over the years spent on the council, have you been totally honest with voters regarding your educational background and qualifications?
Don’t count on it.
Are the terms honesty, integrity and transparency woven into your campaign platform?
(Spink put his Magic Eight Ball down and called the mayor for his response.)
She said that is none of your business.  Next question.
If you could go back, would you respond fully to the DMN questions concerning this issue of potential documentation fabrication?
My reply is no.
Will your reluctance, to answer all questions regarding your actual education background, cost you any votes in your re-election campaign?
Without a doubt. 
Before our final question, I want to thank you for being so forthright and candid.  Truly, more politicians should follow your example — oh wait…they already do.

Do you, in fact, have a law degree/juris doctor from any accredited college/university as you have portrayed during your various campaigns, for elected office in Irving, over the years?
Reply hazy, try again.

   So, there you have it, dear readers.  Magic Eight Ball responses as to why Spink has been hiding in his bunker and not addressing the pressing issues of honesty, integrity and transparency on his resumé and his stated credentials to represent you on the Irving City council.

   After all, it probably means more to Spink to be re-elected than it does to level with the voting public.  

   And if any of this sounds self-serving, self-aggrandizing or egotistical on Spink’s part, one need only remember he has had the best teacher in Irving…mayor BVD.

…………………………….Mark Holbrook

Additional (factual) information: DMN, Avi Selk, 04-29/30-15