Sunday, May 3, 2015

CCR/DW 05-03-15 Baloney

TO: the Chuckle Brigade

   According to one scandalmonger on a local blog, the fact Bill Mahoney, Place 6 Irving City council candidate, provided free hot dogs at the Valley Ranch voting site on Saturday rates right up there with a pedophile offering free candy on a school playground.

   The individual upset with this act of kindness by Mahoney probably would have faulted him had he been distributing loaves and fishes.  It seems some folks just have to find a ‘devil’ to beat in order to thump their chest in self-righteousness.

   Since Dylan’s schedule was rather conflicted Saturday, he was not available to partake of this benevolent act of charity…to reward those who took the time to go vote on a weekend day.  

   (Dylan did offer the below tweet to express his dismay in the characterization of the event.)

   And certainly, one did not have to provide proof of voting for Mahoney before partaking of his expression of gratitude and Angus beef franks.

   As the voting cycle pushes towards election day (May 9), voters would be well informed to remember that giving free hot dogs at a voting site is akin to giving back to the community.  And this is considerably different than Mahoney’s opponent, Brad LaMorgese, who has taken much from the community these past three years.

   LaMorgese doesn’t give back to the voters, he just takes…as in takes all the mega donations from the mayor’s super-rick Sugar Daddy contributors to buy a plethora of large signs and slick brochures to tout accomplishments he has had very little to do with.  He takes these large campaign contributions because the donors only want the best politicians money can buy.

   The one accomplishment LaMorgese can have pride in taking is he followed the mayor’s dictates to assist in dividing the city with the passage of the lame resolution in support of State HB 562.  However, at every turn of the election cycle, LaMorgese attempted to mouth the mayor’s feeble talking points this measure was to "protect" the Constitution…later to only be changed to protecting women’s rights.  Sure! 

   Neither rationale provided any benefit or correlation to Irving’s needs or affairs…other than to divide the city and demonstrate extreme bias and bigotry existed in the minds of those who supported this measure.

   LaMorgese should have served baloney sandwiches at the voting site Saturday along with the feeble rhetoric he intoned to justify his vote on the city’s resolution for State HB 562.

   So, residents of Hackberry Creek and Valley Ranch: Would you rather have a representative who gives back to the community (Mahoney), or one who passes off baloney as prime beef (LaMorgese)?

   The decision is yours…vote wisely, as the future of the city depends on you!  

………………………………Mark Holbrook 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 3

Providing free hot dogs @ voting place shows pride. Huge contributions from the mayor’s Sugar Daddy donors shows who is bought and paid for.