Sunday, May 3, 2015

CCR 05-03-15 Beware the Flying Harpies

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   How can you tell if a Flying Harpy is really steamed?  Easy!  They begin to flock over their Torofeca pit arming their bombers to unload a steaming pile of utter nonsense on Spinks’ opponent, David Palmer, for the city council Place 8 position.

   Yes, Spink is running for re-election, but doesn’t have much of a platform to stand on unless QueenB VD shares a part of the stage with him.  And we know that isn’t going to happen.  The stage is only large enough for her ego.  

   However, you know it is really bad when QueenB VD lowers the status of mayor of Irving by conducting campaign robot-calls for Spink.  How distasteful is that?  The mayor phoning to elicit support for a candidate, who has cheated the citizens of Irving for years with a fraudulent resumé, just goes beyond the limits of believability.  How impudent.

   Nevertheless, the queen’s Flying Harpy flock has circled around Spink on social media, with her blessing, in an attempt to develop an issue which they believe trumps lying on ones resumé for years on Spink apparently has done.  The Flying Harpies expected plan and result would take the heat off Spink and cause Palmer to go on the defensive. 

   Here’s what voters should really be considering.
   FACT:  Spink’s education claims were voluntarily provided to the DMN, League of Women Voters guide, brochures, pamphlets and other materials ad nauseam.  Not only were some of the claims in these materials fabricated, but the ruse of misinformation was perpetuated and appeared to grow in time…much like Pinocchio’s nose.  
   This, dear readers, was a serious breach of trust, disservice to voters and downright contemptible.  And this is why the Flying Harpies cannot actually defend him on the social media blog.  

Here’s what QueenB VD and the Flying Harpies don’t want voters to consider:
   The pseudo-issue the Flying Harpy flock is promoting just happens to be…wait for it…a simple business production concern which has no bearing on Palmer’s truthfulness, ability to represent the citizens of Place 8, or be a concern in his campaign.
   FACT:  Palmer’s business is required by federal statues to perform and comply as noted in FDA regulations.  His business is often inspected and if there are any issues which require attention or correction, he is notified.  He is then responsible to correct these matters prior to the next inspection.  This is standard and normal for any business in operation which falls under federal guidelines.  
   (Think of a restaurant being notified by the city’s Code Enforcement to correct certain concerns.  The issues are documented, actions are taken to correct and the restaurant goes about its business.  The restaurant is re-inspected and the world continues to spin.  Fairly simple, right?)
   As any rationale person would conclude, after reading the latest report on Palmer’s production practices for his business, he has some minor housekeeping items to address.  And that’s the gist of the report…pure and simple.  Even Merlin the Magician couldn’t turn this non-issue into an issue for a political campaign.
   (To hear one of the Flying Harpy followers whine, the city of Irving might want to consider closing the borders for the safety and welfare of the citizenry.  The attempted ‘panic’ in this post made it sound as if an Ebola epidemic was about to ravish and engulf the city.  Good god!  When will these stooges get real and quit fabricating items and creating fear not even relative to the political process?)

     What all the hysteria promoted on the Flying Harpy blog site demonstrates is these folks will stop at nothing and go to any means to discredit a good, viable and concerned candidate.

   And this is the only option they save their discredited candidate, since they cannot defend what he, Spink, has laid at their doorstep.  After all, Spink has performed his resumé charade for years and there is no conceivable way to wash it down the political drain.

   The Flying Harpy flock, in their attempted and baseless smear campaign, accurately demonstrates a revised version of the old adage with their undying support of Spink: "He may be a liar, but at least he is our liar."

   Another interesting point which could be injected into this attempted smear campaign by the Flying Harpies is what role has QueenB VD actually played in all this?  

   It is well know QueenB VD has endorsed, supported and had several photo ops with Spink.  It is also know she spent $8,500 for ‘consulting services’ after her last campaign.  Some believe the firm she utilized for these ‘consulting services’ also conducts ‘opposition research’ for their clients.

   Did any outside firm or business assist the Flying Harpy flock or QueenB VD in their attempt to discredit David Palmer? 

   As previously mentioned, QueenB VD is pulling out all the stops to ensure Spink and LaMorgese are re-elected.  She needs these two individuals to be there to support her when she brings another inane State resolution, like HB 562, to the council.  The effects of dividing the city with this one issue still echoes today.  Without Spink and LaMorgese, the placating of her Tea sippin’ pals for this divisive resolution would not have passed.

   When one looks at the division QueenB VD has created in our fair city, do voters really want her to continue on this disastrous track by re-electing Spink and LaMorgese?

   If voters are not awake at this stage of the election cycle, this will be your final wake-up call.  Knock the scales off your eyes and help return out city to the citizens…not the special interest concerns, Sugar Daddy donors and single source developers QueenB VD, Spink and LaMorgese have provided with the keys to the city.

   Help change the locks to eliminate malfeasance, misguided principles and malicious political smearing.  Vote for David Palmer and Bill Mahoney.

………………………………….Mark Holbrook