Monday, May 4, 2015

CCR/DW 05-04-15 Chuckle This

TO: the Chuckle Brigade

   After much snooping, Dylan Westie, Executive editor and Part-time wordsmith for the CCR, discovered QueenB VDs newest secret and photo op opportunity…she is auditioning for a slot on the Comedy Channel.

   That’s right, chuckle-breath…the Comedy Channel.  Seriously, what other reason would be possible for her to engage in robot-calls pleading for folks to go vote for Tom Spink.  If this doesn’t fit the parameters of being the most outrageous and comical thing she has done this week, then let staff of the CCR know.

   Think about it.  QueenB VD campaigned and promised if she was elected mayor, she would bring her newly revised ethics code to the table to radiate a bright light for city government transparency.  The light would shine so bright citizens would no longer have to worry about single source developers, cronies receiving special deals (even if they had demonstrated ‘conflict of interest’), or the bloated toads (Sugar Daddy pals of the queen) who gave huge sums of campaign cash to elect the best politicians money could buy.  

   Remember all of this?  If you do, then why doesn’t the queen…as all those issues have materialized during her reign?

   Well, QueenB VD must have had a catastrophic lapse in her synapses.  While there are many things wrong with her campaigning for sitting council members, the real rub (or chuckle) today is who she is still campaigning for.  Considering Spinks’ Resumé-gate issues and his not leveling with the voting public for the past decade, how does all this mesh with the queen’s revised ethics code?  What?  It doesn’t?

   (Sadly, the queen sent her latest e-mail epistle, to her ‘special’ mailing list, this morning telling folks to be sure and go vote for Spink and LaMorgese with the following notation: "Enacted a new city ethics policy to help stop the past backroom/crony deals that were so prevalent at City Hall."  The queen can say and print this with a straight face? Are you chuckling now?  Of particular note in this mailing was she failed to mention how Spink and LaMorgese also helped her divide the city over the inane State HB 562 resolution.  Wasn’t that convenient!)

   Did the council recently pass a revised-revised version of the ethics code for QueenB VD to allow for this significant lapse in her judgement?  Do you think ethical behavior should be solely determined by QueenB VD?  Since she doesn’t have a problem with trampling on the city’s ethics code, why are citizens allowing her to do this?  Are honesty and integrity not features in her revised-revised ethics code when it comes to council campaigns?

   Regardless of the spin she puts on this robot-call situation, the city manager should immediately contact the EPA.  The stench of hypocrisy by QueenB VD campaigning for Spink needs to be cleared from the city.

   Finally, staff of the CCR doesn’t believe QueenB VD will get the gig on the Comedy Channel.  After all, her actions in attempting to play mayor and run the city really aren’t comical to the citizens.

………………………….Mark Holbrook

BTW: Dylan had to be taken to the vet after the robot-call from QueenB VD…he had a bruised paw from punching the #2 button on the phone multiple times.  Additionally, he was given a mild sedative to quell the chuckling spasm from even receiving a robot-call call from the queen.