Sunday, May 10, 2015

CCR 05-10-15 Need Gravel?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Well, dear readers, the 2015 city election cycle is almost over. 

   As there will be a runoff in Place 4, the single member district in south Irving, the task facing voters now is to finalize returning the city to the citizens by re-electing Joe Putnam(More about this race below.)

   The following is the official CCR election results.  Don’t worry about what other publications might relate, or what the social blog sites are crabbing about, or even off-key political pundit assessments by Flying Harpies.  The following is what transpired when a pitiful number of voters finished stuffing the ballot boxes on Saturday. 

   In summary, the election produced a mother load of: Good, Bad and Sad.

Good:  David Palmer was elected.
   Palmer’s election demonstrated voters considered integrity and honesty over a falsified resumé and the mega-donations QueenB VDs Sugar Daddy contributors provided for Spink.  The three-brochure mailing, days before the election from the flaky group known as "Irving Opportunity Council," demonstrated to citizens how desperate the queen was to maintain control.  And to her, control is everything.  Without control, she is just another screeching voice having a potential NPD attack.

   With Spink heading to the political retirement hospice, citizens will see a marked difference in their concerns being addressed by the council.  Good luck David!

Bad:  Brad LaMorgese was re-elected.
   However, LaMoprgese is very excited knowing he has three more years of kowtowing to QueenB VDs every whim and fancy.  As her chief Pet Rock and council mouthpiece in her dealings with special interest concerns, single source developers and being a recipient of funds from her Sugar Daddy donors, he is as happy as a lawyer who has just caught an ambulance en route to an accident. 

   And if you have any problems believing this, then just remember how he has assisted the queen in being a stick in the spokes for dealings with the Entertainment Center venue (ARK), rabidly insisting the phony council resolution, supporting State HB 562, was "protecting" the constitution, and showing no shame in dividing the city while sippin’ the same Tea as the queen’s pals…"Bogus-gate Complaint" Anderson and "Squeaky" Rinaldi.

   Yes, LaMargese has three years to wallow in the queen’s shadow while parking any glimmer of independent thinking in a Mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnalls front porch.

Sad:  QueenB VD distraught?
    The loss of one of her main Pet Rocks, Spink, has caused a calamity in the royal court. To ease the pain, the queen is seeking out her royal homeopathy prescriber to increase any meds she might require.  She could need a super strong sedative to help her forget she had little or no effect in getting all her Pet Rocks elected to the council this cycle.  
   (Remember, she was 0-2 in the previous election of having Pet Rocks seated.) 

   QueenB VD will insist city flags fly at half-mast for the rest of her term in office due to her not being able to rescue Spink from his overflowing pit of dishonesty.  

   With the crushing, into fine particles of gravel of her Pet Rock by voters, the queen is dismayed at how her undying promoting, pimping and pandering for Spink could go wrong.  With her posting on his FaceBook page, special e-mail letters on her "MAYOR" letterhead, left over from her previous campaign, and, of course, the three flaky brochures mailed days before the election by "Irving Opportunity Council," QueenB VD must realize her political clout is just another figment of her imagination.

   (Maybe the $8,500 she spent on personal "consulting services" after her last election just isn’t working.  She might want to check to see if they give refunds.)

   A Clue to the QueenB VD Dilemma:  
   The fabricated spin by the queen, as to why Spink should be re-elected, was about as truthful as Spink’s resumé.  The voters didn’t buy the queen’s babble and they certainly didn’t buy Spink’s unwillingness to level with the voters prior to the election on his Resumé-gate issue.  All this represented another instance where the queen believed her word was the last word and should be followed without question.

   Of course, the queen’s Flying Harpy flock on the KIBB blog site agreed with her and noted Spink lost due to articles in the DMN

   (Please, no snickering.  Some folks, with potentially limited IQs, actually believe and promote this theory.)  

   While not wanting to admit, perhaps, that honesty and integrity do matter to voters, KIBB posters were content to browbeat, belittle and bash the reporter, the newspaper and anyone who did not subscribe to their conspiracy theory.  Their efforts attempted to make Spink the "victim" and an individual who had filed a complaint (flawed only by minor technical details) against Spink the leper of the election cycle.  
   (Truly, this group is a sad lot of blog posters!)

QueenB VDs Next Antic:
   What’s next for QueenB VD now that her Pet Rock collection has suffered a fatal voting-loss?  She appears to be prepared to initiate her Royal Plan B.

   Simply put, QueenB VDs Royal Plan B calls for her to once again, as she did for Spink, put all of her Sugar Daddy bucks, Flying Harpy flock bloggers and Kool-Aid sipping drones on alert to lead a dishonest campaign against councilman Joe Putnam.  Why? 

   Putnam represents a serious and dangerous threat to QueenB VDs self-serving agenda.  And as many will attest, the queen will do anything to ensure her interests are placed first and above those the citizenry might need or want.

   Putnam has represented the interest of south Irving with dignity, fairness and concern of the citizenry for years.  He has done the job honorably and without platitudes.  He has also challenged QueenB VD when she and her Pet Rock contingency were promoting an agenda which favored the queen’s north Irving coalitions and her special interest over what would be beneficial city-wide…especially to south Irving.

   Additionally, when one follows the money trail of the election just held, isn’t it rather curious as QueenB VD was vigorously defending Spink, a Pet Rock in her court was also contributing funds to each of Putnam’s potential opponents if a run off election was required?

   Apparently, QueenB VD wanted, as part of her Plan B, for Putnam’s opponent to be beholden to her if either Gutierrez, Wilson or Riddle won a place on the run off ballot.  Well, Riddle won a run off slot and has also already accepted tainted bucks from the queen’s court.

   Isn’t it also suspicious that QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks suddenly decide, prior to the election, the fire department really does need new equipment and a fire station in north Irving?

   Why wasn’t this the case in September when council members Putnam and Webb valiantly attempted to include a new ambulance in the operating budget?  And isn’t it even stranger none of Putnam’s opponents in the general election stepped forward to support this budget consideration? 

   Consider this: The fire department, for the past two years, was requesting a new fire station and none of Putnam’s opponents came forward to demonstrate their concern or raise their voice in support!  It seems as if some individuals only become concerned about major city items when they are running for election…or in this case a run off election.

   Putnam’s opponent in the run off election has only one peg to place his hat on…he is a retired city fire fighter.  And after retirement, he has shown little interest in working for the community or taking a stand for south Irving.

   The recent action, by QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks, when they voted just days before the election for the new equipment and fire station, clearly show this fire department contingency plan was in place before the election.  Items of this nature just do not haphazardly appear on a council agenda…especially if the queen is involved in political shenanigans to increase her perceived power or Pet Rock collection. 

   In essence, electing Putnam’s opponent, a retired city fire fighter, will allow QueenB VD to add a new Pet Rock to her diminishing collection.  In fact, this is her only hope to retain five votes on the council.  Certainly, voters have already seen her Pet Rock collection follow her skewed dictates. 

   Joe Putnam will continue his efforts of assisting south Irving and will not be manipulated, bought or controlled by the mayor or her misguided underlings. 

   Voters should strongly consider the fate of the city when they go to the polls for the run off election and advise their friends and neighbors to re-elect councilman Joe Putnam.

………………………….Mark Holbrook

Note:  Contact TXU for any grammar or edit corrections required for this report.  A six hour power outage, caused by the storm, created the errors.  That’s our story and staff of the CCR is sticking with it! MH