Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CCR 05-13-15 #Irvingnotforsale

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Here we go again.  All the King’s QueenBs horses, and all the King’s QueenBs Sugar Daddy donors are setting up to flood bucks, Flying Harpies and misinformation in an effort to elect a Pet Rock for the queen’s court in the run off election June 13, 2015.

   The efforts of a newly formed and funded group will be attempting to replace Joe Putnam in Place 4 with a council member who will, in all probability, subscribe to queenly dictates.

   (See full details as to why Putnam should be re-elected in the 05-10-15 CCR)

   Remember the three brochure mailing (from "Irving Opportunity Council") the week of the general election?  You know…the one that had all the photo ops of QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks she has used to divide the council.  

   (One should also note this same group has divided the city over the phony council resolution endorsing State HB 562 which had no bearing on Irving.)

   Well, "Irving Opportunity Council" is the new political money-churning group in town designed to push the limits of buying city council seats to a new level.  They were responsible for the three brochure mailing to assist Tom Spink.  

   Instead of hiding behind a "domestic non-profit corporation," maybe the individuals involved in this pseudo-council should state who actually paid for the very expensive three brochure mailings!  Printed in color, mailed throughout the city and no clue as to who was behind the effort, leads one to believe political dirty tricks are afoot.  Of course, this is good political skullduggery: Hide the people, hide the money.  

   (Thankfully, the money spent and brochures mailed by this group didn’t buy the re-election of Spink.)

   Should one think that being a member or contributor to this group provides an ‘opportunity’ to own a piece of an Irving City council member?  After all, staff of the CCR doesn’t remember an election where folks were placed on this flaky "council."

   Perhaps, what many individuals might not know is "Irving Opportunity Council" has been set up as a "domestic non-profit corporation."  While it is know who is behind QueenB VDs latest push (Marvin Randle, Joe Mapes and Scott Yeldell) to keep her Pet Rocks in the majority, the fact this is not a PAC raises some troubling issues.

   (Side Note: Randle and Mapes were also the ones who were responsible for the Whistle Stop development previously before the council…along with Oscar Ward who is currently sitting on the council.)

   All PAC records are open to the public and can be reviewed to determine who is contributing.  Will this be the case with this "domestic non-profit corporation?"  Will the donors list to this concern be available to the general public?  Or is being a "domestic non-profit corporation" a new sham being used to hide and protect north Irving special interest groups, single source developers, Sugar Daddy contributors who have pledged fealty to QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection?

   Why is this important to Irving voters and those who want to ensure their representative has not sold out to monied interest?  

   How could residents truly believe their interest will be considered on a level playing field if the issue involves one of the members or donors to "Irving Opportunity Council?"  And if a resident is politically naive enough to think money doesn’t talk and donors don’t whisper in council member’s ears, then all hope has been lost for a fair and equitable system of governance in Irving.

   During this short period, for the run off election cycle, be leery and suspicious of any brochures, mailings or phone calls that may come from operatives working on behalf of "Irving Opportunity Council."  It is doubtful the candidate they will be supporting in the run off election will be little different from the other Per Rocks (Oscar Ward, Gerald Farris, Brad LaMorgese) who have lost all sense of independent thinking by only following QueenB VDs dictates.

   The certainty is "Irving Opportunity Council" has money to burn and will be working to feather their nest and keep QueenB VDs Pet Rock contingency intact.  Believe that!

   And this would be true even if "Irving Opportunity Council" was backing Alfred E. Newman! 

   Just remember: It will be fact certain — "Irving Opportunity Council" will not be backing or supporting Joe Putnam. 

   He is, after all, honorable and not for sale.

………………………Mark Holbrook

Note: The twitter hashtag used for the title of this report will be incorporated in Dylan Westie’s future tweets concern this group and their clandestine efforts.