Thursday, May 7, 2015

CCR/DW 05-07-15 Talking Money

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Honestly, staff of the CCR hoped we could take a wordsmithing break at the conclusion of early voting and just wait to see what the final results of the council election would be on election night.

   Not going to happen today, voter-breath!

   QueenB VD and her apparent monied Sugar Daddy contributors will not rest until they have spent whatever it takes to buy the re-election efforts of Tom Spink and Brad LaMorgese.  And today’s triple mailing of fancy, slick and expensive brochures from a "nebulous group" only proves the point.

   Since there was not a standard political disclaimer on all the fluffy material splattered all over Irving today, voters should really worry and wonder: Who the hell is the "Irving Opportunity Council?"

   (If you join, will you have an ‘opportunity’ to own a piece of an Irving council member?  Is there a minimum cost to receive favorable consideration of your deals from this group?  Why were there no names associated with these faux ‘council’ mailings?’ ) 

   And more importantly, what primordial pit of political pandering did this group slither out of?  Better yet, how much does it cost to buy a seat on this ‘pseudo-council’ in order to help buy a seat on the real Irving City council?   

   Was there another election in the city where QueenB VD presided and started a new city council government?  Does she now fully own a private council?  Or do they own her?  

   Many realize the queen would like to be the titular head and supreme ruler of all that is all.  But seriously, an "Irving Opportunity Council" operating in the dark, under the covers and spending money as quickly as it comes off the printing press type of council for Irving?

   Of course, the special political mailings from "Irving Opportunity Council" hit mailboxes just two days before the election and positively reek of bogus claims of what Spink and LaMorgese have accomplished, under QueenB VDs tutelage.  

   (Actually, their first lesson under the queen was to learn how to walk on water while stepping over voter’s heads as she does.)

   What seems to be very telling about the photo ops staged for the mailings, with smiling pics of QueenB VD and her Pet Rock contingency, is there is no guessing about how she has divided the council.  Look at the photos!  This is what a fractured city looks like.  And she is fully responsible for the division and divisiveness that has been created…along with her Pet Rocks, Spink and LaMorgese.
   The photos also demonstrate how she and the Pet Rocks (Spink and LaMorgese included) divided the city over the inane council resolution in support of the State HB 562 which had nothing to do with "protecting" the Constitution or protecting women’s rights.

   Without going into any of the specious details on the brochures which QueenB VD, with her two favorite Pet Rocks (Spink and LaMorgese), claimed to have accomplished, one item does stand out.  Yes, the brochures even tout (please, no snickering) the queen’s newly revised ethics code…which she currently is trampling on.  (Refer to the 05-04-15 CCR report on the blog site.)  

   It certainly takes a load of moxie for QueenB VD to scam voters with her claims of ethics and transparency being reformed and tightened during her realm.  And it doesn’t bode well for Spink and LaMorgese to hang on to her skirt hems, as she wheels around the city in her "cloak of invisibility" pretending to be the poster child for open government.  

   (Really, her realm is only open to those with money or influence…and a few cronies thrown in for good measure.  And these are the same individuals she has lined up to have Spink and LaMorgese re-elected.)  

   To save some time, we are going to note Dylan’s tweets, after his mailbox was polluted this afternoon, concerning the insipid tripe "Irving Opportunity Council" mailed.  In Dylan’s words: "These political mailings even give junk mail a bad name."

Dylan’s Tweets 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 7
Is "Irving Opportunity Council" a new or old Sugar Daddy donor in QueenBs vast $$-stable working to buy election for Spink & LaMorgese?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 7
You think Danish gave his permission for the new "Irving Opportunity Council" money bags to use his pic to help re-elect Spink & LaMorgese?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 7
As expected, money talks and the new "Irving Opportunity Council" is spending big bucks on Spink & LaMorgese. What will they owe them later?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 May 7
Today’s ??: Council mailings of "Irving Opportunity Council" did not have usual political disclaimer. Spink & LaMorgese worried about ethics?

   Well, dear readers, the ball is once again in your court.  The election is Saturday, May 9.  The same question remains: Will Irving be run by a council that has been bought and paid for by single source developers, special interest concerns, Sugar Daddy donors and cronies with defined ‘conflict of interest’ sponsored by QueenB VD with the co-dependency of  Spink and LaMorgese, or will the city council be returned to the citizens with the election of David Palmer and Bill Mahoney?

   Surely, voters will see through the politically thin veneer of the "Irving Opportunity Council" cabal  to have the best council members money can buy…in Spink and LaMorgese.

   You decide…the CCR just provides the information.

………………………………….Mark Holbrook