Wednesday, May 6, 2015

CCR/DW 05-06-15 Desecration Alert

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

TO: the Chuckle Brigade  

   Remember how QueenB VD went catatonic over the graphic depiction of the US flag when she had a recent Op/Ed piece in the Dallas Morning News?  

   Remember how changing her stance, on the inane sponsoring of the State HB 562 resolution which divided the city, shifted from "protecting" the Constitution to protecting women’s rights in the article?  (Really?  Who knew?)

   Remember how readers of her pablum piece were not buying what she and the Pet Rocks (including Spink and LaMorgese) were selling?

   Remember how she unleashed her Flying Harpy flock, via her FaceBook page, to attack Irving’s reporter of record, Avi Selk, and the graphic artist for the DMN?

   Remember how the Flying Harpy attack was not to defend her writing, but to bully and browbeat DMN folks for, in her opinion, "desecrating" the US flag?

   Remember how QueenB VD and the Flying Harpies suddenly became the sole arbiters of what freedom of speech — the written word or graphic presentation — was in her realm?  And in her mind, that’s all that should count!

Today’s Query:  Will QueenB VD and the Flying Harpy flock be attacking D Magazine, or better yet, former Governor Rick Perry?  Why, might one ask?

   Simple question demands a simple answer: Under QueenB VDs definition of freedom of speech and flag "desecration," it may be time to send the Flying Harpy flock airborne again.

   The following link will take you to the D Magazine article, but the graphic used for the article is the topic for today’s chuckle.  

   You see, the graphic below, for the D Magazine article regarding Rick Perry, was ‘snatched’ from…wait for it…the "image on the back of former Gov. Rick Perry's RickPAC card."  What?  Our former governor is "desecrating" the US flag?  He dares place his mug on our sacred banner of freedom?  Has this man no shame?  

   While Dylan Westie, Executive editor and Part-time wordsmith for the CCR, doesn’t see any desecration of the US flag (ugly pic, yes), we would be remiss if we didn’t state what his initial impression of the Perry-flag pic reminded him of.

   In his own words, Dylan remarked: "This looks like the kind of guy who would try to force dry Tea down your throat while telling you Aggies only need books, in libraries, that haven’t been colored in."

   But enough about former governor Perry.  As a precautionary measure, staff of the CCR has alerted D Magazine to the possibility of the queen's Flying Harpy attacks and that each of their employees should immediately take antivenin shots.

   After all, QueenB VD is not going to sick her Flying Harpy flock on a conservative like Rick Perry.  She has the red meat of the media, which she has a strong distaste for, available — flag or no flag — to attack.  

   Her dictate will be to attack D Magazine by claiming the besmirching of a kindred spirit of hers in Rick Perry who might only 'desecrate' the USA if elected president.

……………………Mark Holbrook