Monday, June 15, 2015

CCR 06-15-15 FaceBook Scrap Exposed

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Since QueenB VD is sicking her Flying Harpy flock on the general public, to pimp her personal bullying tactics via her FaceBook page by ‘calling out’ council members who will not bow to her whims, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, decided to start using his twitter account to ‘call out’ the queen’s self-aggrandizement.

   Remember, anything the queen does is to shine the spotlight on her and diminish anyone who does not kowtow to her self-interest issues.  

   One even has to wonder if the queen’s Mother Superior of Flying Harpies and other members of the flock are paid with "dark money" to perpetuate the charade the queen is generating on her FaceBook page.  

   And that charade is the promotion of dishonest queries to make it appear she is acting in a professional manner as mayor.  Sure!

   Following is Dylan’s latest tweet recognizing the care and concern QueenB VDs Pet Rocks have regarding "dark money" in city elections.  In case you do not recognize them, the pic represents Farris, LaMorgese and Ward.

   Dylan Westie @dylanwestie1: QueenBs (Irving mayor) Pet Rocks (Farris,LaMorgese, Ward) expressing concern over "dark money" of IOC in elections.

   If you remember, they -- and QueenB VD, of course -- had their mug shots posted on the attack ad brochures which flooded south Irving to unseat Councilman Putnam.  Just another class act (really classless) of QueenB VD and her pebbles.   

   Should QueenB VD really want to explore genuine issues on her FaceBook page, then why not tackle something of benefit to the city…instead of her ego-starved, photo op persona?

   How about the queen sponsoring a council resolution which would:
*  State Irving Opportunity Council should be disbanded
*  Irving Opportunity Council "dark money" is not welcome in Irving city elections
*  Irving Opportunity Council should disclose all donors and the amounts donated
*  Irving Opportunity Council should disclose all expenses paid in the recent elections

   Well, dear readers, this will never happen.  Irving Opportunity Council, after all, is there to serve and benefit QueenB VD…now and for any future political move she might make.

   Consider this: Everything political in Irving has to be about the queen.  And the pseudo-issues she propagates on FaceBook are all designed for her push her political malfeasance forward.

   The city does not have a functioning mayor.  The city has a wannabe political star basking in her self-created spotlight of political incompetence.

……………………….Mark Holbrook