Sunday, July 5, 2015

07-05-15 Paws for Cause

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   In case you haven’t noticed, a member of the CCR staff has been rather busy with a summer project lately.  And this accounts for the scarcity of reports the past week or so.  

   However, Dylan has remained steadfast and been busy tweeting when significant events are on the horizon, or when major concerns to CCR readers are occurring.  He will continue to do this while the staff member wraps up a commitment for the ‘little people’ of Irving within the next couple of weeks.

   With all this in mind, here are a few items recently noted for those not following Dylan on  Twitter. 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 5
It is a demonstrated fact: Irving is QueenBs (Irving mayor) sole realm. Accepting a ‘bogus’ TEA Party award, she notes Irving as "my city."

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 5
QueenB (Irving mayor) uses the "I,"/ "my" inflating her ego over a faux-TEA cause. Snicker at:  Unbelievable & sad.

(This "award" was given to the queen by the TEA-affiliated Center for Security Policy for her self-aggrandizing efforts to have the council divide the city with the passage of a resolution supporting State HB 562.  Apparently, the folks giving the "award" don’t have a clue as to what actually happened in Irving over this disingenuous activity.) 

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 3
4th Parade Alert: DW not attending. Watch QueenBs appearance & see direction horse’s posterior is pointed this year. 

(In 2014, the mayor’s steed registered his disgust with QueenB VDs TEA Party charades and her later faux-rhetoric of "saving the Constitution" with her disingenuous resolution supporting State HB 562.)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 3
Congrats to Councilman Webb on being voted Mayor Pro-Tem. He will certainly assist QueenB (Irving mayor and not a lawyer) w/Points of Order.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 2
QueenB ignores truth of self-aggrandizing actions by texting during council discussions..a rude NPD-trait often used to deflect criticism.

(The queen constantly does this during meetings…especially when the discussion is not related to one of her personal agendas —Sugar Daddy donors with "dark money," single source developers, or TEA Party charade activities.)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 2
Point of Order: Councilman Webb is totally on point while Pet Rock LaMorgese is totally off point w/QueenBs talking points on Rules of Order.

(Discussion leading up to the city attorney reflecting QueenB VD was in error in handling a previous council meeting issue contrary to her self-interest.  See link, noted in following tweet, to the DMN article by Avi Selk for full details.)

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jul 2
Even when QueenB (Irving mayor & not a lawyer) told she is wrong by a lawyer, she is not wrong according to her ego @ …

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Jun 28
As "almost" mayor, standing by to be voted "almost" Mayor Pro-Tem just in case QueenBs (Irving mayor) Pet Rock should be deprived the honor.

   Remember to keep your comments and suggestions coming.  All incoming e-mail will be responded to in as timely a manner as possible.  As usual, some of your comments lead to checking into items for future reports.

………………………….Mark Holbrook