Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CCR 08-11-15 Supercilious Mayor

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   It all happened so quickly.  Everyone was caught off-guard.  Never in the history of Irving had the financial, social and political institutions succumbed into an abyss of turmoil.

   Overnight, the homeless shelters were at peak capacity.  Every corner drive-through beer barn was drained of stock.  And QueenB VDs remaining Pet Rocks were ground into a fine talc.

   What caused this devastating calamity?  What will it take for the city to recover?  What is the long term prognosis for ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’

   Simply stated, Irving spun into the porcelain latrine when QueenB VD announced she was going to take a "leave of absence" (Read: sabbatical, boycott, or inability to read and digest truthful accounts of her actions.) from the Dallas Morning News.

   The first question which should be asked is: Who really cares?

   And the short answer to this query could be: Everyone should. 

   When the mayor of a city notes she will not be keeping updated with events, activities and detail concerning the city she supposedly represents, by the media outlet designed to inform the Irving citizenry, then something is seriously wrong.

   Granted, QueenB VD has a colorful history of weaving, bobbing and dancing around issues when contacted by the media.  And she generally attempts to spin (if she even returns their calls) responses to what best fits her personal agenda.

   As it has already been reflected, in a Dallas Morning News article, editorial and column, the truth seems to be inconsequential, to the queen, when molding her personal agenda.  Previously described, her personal agenda is not the betterment of Irving, by being totally transparent with the media, but rather self-promoting and developing a political base with all the Red Meat-carnivores dangling on the far right fringe of the political spectrum.

   Since QueenB VD will not be reading the DMN, then her reading materials, guest appearances and interviews will continue to be where the truth, factual information and research are secondary to believing every utterance which crosses her lips — the Red Meat-carnivore outlets.

   Just as she moved to have the disingenuous and unnecessary resolution of support for State HB 562 passed by the city council, she thrives on the attention, spotlight and photo ops for a matter which has no bearing, relevance, or significance to the mayoral functions of the city.

   However, by spouting and babbling false information, half-truths and "look at what I’ve done" self-assessments, QueenB VD really has some folks convinced she is an honest, straight-forward and caring politico.  (If only all her actions and energy were directed at making Irving a better community.) 

   Since the Dallas Morning News doesn’t cater to the dictated whims of QueenB VD why should they be castigated, by her, when attempting to advise the public as to what is actually occurring in Irving?  Kudos to the DMN for not bowing to the queen, and letting the actual light of transparency shine in Irving. 

   Additionally, QueenB VDs actions spun Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll, into a twitter fever when he learned the queen wasn’t going to be totally informed, via the DMN, regarding her perceived realm.  Here’s his take:

 Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 9
CCR Assistance Required: Would someone inform QueenB (Irving mayor) there is a difference between "annoying" the DMN and lying to them? OK?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 9
Who you gonna’ believe more truthful regarding facts: sleazy politico or trusted columnist? All doubts resolved at http://controversialcommittee.blogspot.com !

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 10
Sad Note: QueenB (Irving mayor) suffering withdrawal symptoms resulting from her self-imposed DMN boycott. Reduced to reading the Enquirer.

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 10
Update: Terrific article re: Bear Creek (in queen's realm) in DMN today. Read it to QueenB (Irving mayor) as she refuses to pick up a DMN.

   With a non-informed and self-aggrandizing queen, Irving truly suffers.  Citizens will recognize all is not right in the city when QueenB VD enacts another of her flaky resolutions requiring all peons of the realm to carry, at all times, a little red book entitled "10 Red Meat-carnivore Commandments of Compliance." 

   And all this time, staff of the CCR believed there should be a total separation of church and state in governmental affairs and actions.

……………………………..Mark Holbrook

Required supplemental reading:

When D Magazine, August 6, 2015, joins the fracas in pivotal support of Steve Blow, then the odds of QueenB VDs prior and later assertions, as to the honest facts of the matter, go down the porcelain latrine…or register 9.99 on the Torofeca scale.