Sunday, August 23, 2015

CCR 08-23-15 Invisible Leadership

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Coming soon to a speaking venue near your…"appreciation" press conferences.

   For those who have not been paying attention, QueenB VD has expanded her venue for reaching out to citizens potential voters.  Realizing she needed to expand her voting base beyond just catering and carrying the water for all her Red Meat TEA-carnivore fans, she has graduated into the arena of "creative appreciation" issues.

   (Side note: If Ted Cruz, Red Meat TEA-carnivore, has been reported as claiming to be god’s choice for president, does this mean the same godly TEA-leaves ordained QueenB VD as mayor?  Holy egos, Batman.) 

   After serving as mayor for four years, QueenB VD recently had an "idea" while blathering to a gathering of Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  Yes, QueenB VD determined it was time for a photo op session and press conference where she could show her "appreciation" for the men and women of the Irving Police Department.
   Wow!  Many knew the queen was a tad slow on the uptake with handling issues she did not initiate, control or have the ability to mold in her self-image, but it took four years to understand the vital role the Irving PD represents in this city?

   Of course, most peons in her realm demonstrate daily their appreciation for the rank and file of the police department.  And that is how it should be to those first responders who put their lives on the line…a daily affirmation of thanks(No press conference needed.)

   So, without the voting consent of the other eight members of the city council, QueenB VD scheduled a press conference, released a "catchy" slogan and logo (which wasn’t very catchy), and photographers and TV stations lined up for her big announcement.  She proclaimed:  

I, QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Irving, do hereby declare (mane flip) I appreciate the Irving PD.  (Photos may be taken at this point, but no questions from the DMN will be entertained.)

   (Those with cynical minds who believe her press charade was bent more on scoring personal political points than honest sincerity…staff of the CCR agrees.  Sadly, the queen manages to use one of Irving’s finest institutions to play politics with.)
   (Final note on the "catchy" appreciation slogan: Will the queen resurrect Jack Lord to star in her reality TV version of — Hawaii...uh, Irving 5-0?)

   Does QueenB VDs political pandering end with just one "appreciation" photo op and press conference?  Surely, you jest.

   Have no fear, dear readers.  While the queen will continue her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour, she now adds a new dimension to her self-publicity efforts.   Her "appreciation" press sessions will supplement her photo ops and blathering to all the TEA-sippers.

   Unbeknownst to the queen, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, managed to obtain a copy of her upcoming "appreciation" tour photo op and press sessions.  

   In fact, QueenB VD might have two "appreciation" sessions scheduled for the evening the city council is planning to finally vote to move the Entertainment Center project forward.  And as all dear readers know, the queen has used every opportunity available to stall, poke sticks in the spokes, or undermine this project, at the behest of her handlers, for years now.  

   Of course, the queen had those "previous engagements" booked well in advance of the council meeting…which seems to be her flimsy rationale for maybe not being in attendance.  Wonder if the queen would share who the two "engagements" might be with?

   (If the queen is a no show for the final vote on the Entertainment Center, then she could play two "victim cards" to gain sympathy and support from her Flying Harpy flock: 1) She was not there to register her trite rationale for not approving the project, as scripted by her handlers, while a seemingly majority of the council and citizens desired this project to move forward; 2) She is a martyr for the "little people" on all her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking tour events relating or fabricating how she has the sole knowledge of what is always right…regardless of what citizens or a council majority would opt for.

   From the queen’s ‘hacked’ iPhone, here is Dylan’s list of upcoming pseudo-transcendent "appreciation" press conferences QueenB VD will host and attend to promote her insatiable self-aggrandizement:

Ashley Madison Data Security Appreciation; Jared Fogle Subway Prison Diet Appreciation; Donald Trump Bad Hair Day Appreciation; Hillary Clinton Computer Technology-Wiping Appreciation; Planned Parenthood Gross and Unconscionable Entrepreneur Appreciation; Ted Cruz Deporting All Vegans Appreciation; Ken Paxton "I’m Not a Crook" Until Convicted Appreciation; DMN Slipping Political Star Appreciation; DMN Politico’s Mute To Queries Appreciation; Irving Opportunity Council "Dark Money" Appreciation; and finally, the Aloof, Haughty, Dismissive Politico of the Year Appreciation press conference and photo op with mane flipping.

   With a schedule this full (snicker), is there any wonder how QueenB VD cannot squeeze in an appearance for one of the more important city council meetings, for a long awaited project, vital to the city’s future and the urban center’s development? 

   Seriously?  After all, her priorities must always take precedent over those she was elected to perform.

   And for the queen’s Flying Harpy flock to screech members of the city council are arrogant in scheduling the timing of this council meeting out of spite, or to strike-back at the queen …WRONG.  

   The council, in scheduling the meeting, is accomplishing what a majority of the citizens and business community have wanted and waited an extended period of time for…a viable Entertainment Center to complement the urban center.  It seems a majority of the city council recognizes this concern and what they were elected to do…represent citizen interest, not the self-interest of QueenB VDs handlers, Sugar Daddy contributors and "dark money" bozos who have their personal agendas to push forward.  

   (And the Entertainment Center project completion is not on the agenda of those folks advising the queen.)

   For those who might contend the city has no leadership at the top of the political pyramid, that would be incorrect!  The city has bad leadership at the top.  And contrary to the queen’s actions, leadership is not defined as: photo ops; clowning around with the Red Meat TEA-carnivores; snit fits with the DMN; not responding to questions from the newspaper of record for the city; fabrication of events which have not occurred in the city while on her TEA-speaking tour; and prioritizing personal events over performing the duties she was elected to do.

   What remains to be seen is: Will QueenB VDs anti-EC Pet Rocks (LaMorgese, Farris and Ward) continue to hang their hats (votes) on the self-centered, flimsy rationale the queen has used all the previous years to thwart this project from moving forward?  To do so, on their part, would only indicate those individuals, too, do not have the Irving business community and citizen’s best interest in mind.

  Hopefully, the city’s newest council member, Riddle, has been enlightened in the past two months as to the queen’s self-absorbed interest and chicanery.   Will he perform as promised during the election cycle…make decisions which benefit the citizens/community and not cater to the personal agenda of an ego-starved politico?  

   After all, the business community, the hotel community and the citizenry have wanted and waited for this project way too long.  This is a development project, not a political football to be continuously booted by QueenB VD.

   The city administration has already acknowledged all of the "kinks" have been ironed out of the revised agreement between the city and ARK for the Entertainment Center project.  The only thing left for the administration, which may have been bullied by QueenB VD in the past over this issue, is to recommend approval of the agenda item.  It is really that simple!

   Should all this happen and the measure is finally approved, the council must immediately schedule QueenB VD to host another "appreciation" press conference.

   Isn’t it time to fully recognize the queen’s actions: The Majority Rules…Suck It Up Appreciation.

…………………………………Mark Holbrook

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