Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CCR 08-26-15 Chuckles - TEA

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TO: Chuckles Brigade
re: Dylan Discovers Need for TEA Recall

Maybe the FDA should place a warning on all Texas tea/TEA products — the sipping selections and the blind TEA-voting variety. We would have listed QueenBs (Irving mayor) issues with her blind allegiance and fact fabrications while on her TEA-speaking tour, but you’ve already read the reams dedicated to those misadventures.

The queen’s latest endeavor is to kill, stall or sink the ARK Entertainment Center vote on Thursday.  Latest rumor is she is working to have the measure postponed with a 4-4 tie vote (assuming she is a no-show).  If this is done, then her minions and "dark money" handlers can go into high gear to flood the city with the same misinformation used when attempting to have Tom Spink re-elected.

The council should vote and pass the measure Thursday.  The agreements have been approved by all parties involved and the project will continue the build-out once the approval is finalized.

It is not to late to register your thoughts and concerns with members of the city council.  The Entertainment Center will be the project which will brand Irving, support a major influx of tourists and visitors and provide the type of positive recognition the city has lacked for the past four years.  Everything to do this is in place.  All that is required now is an affirmative vote by the city council.

If the silent majority remains mute, then the "dark money" forces of the queen will have destroyed the one project which would complement the urban center and cause the city to shine again.

Back to the topic at hand.  The following is Dylan’s chuckle submission for those who drink TX-TEA and what the results could be.  It appears good government is not one of the side effects of all these TEA sippers.  And QueenB VD should be named the poster child for this movement.

.................................Mark Holbrook

Note:  It was Cruz, not the CCR who declared he was god’s choice for president.  What does one have to do to receive those types of anointed-text messages?

Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Aug 26
Must be TX-TEA. Sippers w/issues: Cruz (battling Satan as god’s pres. pick); Paxton (battling securities fraud); Hawk (battling depression)!