Friday, August 28, 2015

CCR 08-28-15 Disgusting Idiocy

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   There are not enough words in the CCRs thesaurus to register the "disgust" felt while watching the Irving City council meeting last evening.

   While CCR staff should not have expected a different outcome, the realization there are so many low information thinkers running the city is frightening.  And when one hears them blather how they are only doing what is right…gag reflexes go into perpetual motion.

   (Correction: They are doing what is right —  for the IOC "dark money" clan, Sugar Daddy handlers of the queen and the Flying Harpy flock of syncopates.)

   Knowing staff could not produce a report to reach all CCR readers by this morning, we relied on Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, to cover the meeting and register his unvarnished thoughts on the proceedings.

   All we can say, to QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks, at this point is thanks for showing the world how backward a city council can act when presented with the development which would have made the city the envy of surrounding communities.

   The following is Dylan’s observations when an epidemic of stupidity infects QueenB VD and her Pet Rock collection (Ward, Farris, Riddle, LaMorgese).  Using only 140-characters per tweet, Dylan captured what turned out to be a 5-4 vote to basically kill the entire Entertainment Center deal.  In essence, the life support lines have been pulled on this venture.

EC vote tonight: If anything gets punted tonight, it should be Ward & Riddle if they sell out citizens for QueenBs (Irving mayor) benefit.

QueenB (Irving mayor) brings in her primary handler & money guy to speak against the EC. This is where the money talks and she listens!

Ward reading his excuses for the agreement being bad. Why didn't he voice these issues months ago? Looks like the queen got to him! How sad.

Riddle starts his Fred Astaire routine to prep for a vote against the EC by following the other Pet Rock talking points. Also, very sad!

City manager: Blah, blah, blah marriage with ARK. Blah, blah, blah revised agreement. Blah, blah blah...OK, I recommend approval…blah,blah

Oh god...Danish had to bring Abraham Lincoln into the discussion.  Focus Danish.

ARK slaps Ward who does not have a response to the reality of what is being voted on. Ward looks foolish for the question he asked! Good!

ARK now slapping the queen who is dredging up her old tireless and misinformation. This is a sad night for the city of Irving!!!

QueenB (Irving mayor) tries to talk over ARK. She is unrelenting! "You're talking to the mayor. I represent 250,000 people." Torefeca, QueenB.

The more QueenB (Irving mayor) rants and belittles ARK, worse the city looks. Guess her Sugar Daddy handler told her to empty all barrels!

Fact: ARK is smarter than QueenB (Irving mayor) and Pet Rocks combined. Queen moans, groans and flips her mane while trying to sink deal.

Pet "Both Sides of Ever Issue" Rock Farris attempting to say he likes the deal while spouting the queen's talking points. What a twit!

Thank you Dennis Webb.  You hit the nail on the head. The QueenB (Irving mayor) and Pet Rocks are an embarrassment to the city!

Oscar Ward & Phil Riddle, with their queen’s-EC vote, have violated the public trust they were elected to serve. Shame! Shame!

New ICVB slogan: "Irving - Burro Capital of Texas." Did you see all the anti-asses at special EC council meeting? Who knew? We’re #1?

QueenB (Irving mayor) immediately schedules press conference for Flying Harpy & Dark Money Appreciation over EC vote postponement.

IOC "dark money" bought the votes to basically kill EC. Citizens, businesses & hotels lose. Pet Rocks kowtow to queen. Sad day for Irving.

Irving has taken 1st major step showing world the city is a hick village, since QueenB (Irving mayor) began her reign of divisiveness.

   There is probably no reason to call your council representative and register your disgust.  QueenB VD and the Pet Rocks (Ward, Farris, LaMorgese, Riddle) have already demonstrated they only listen to IOC "dark money," Sugar Daddy handlers and the Flying Harpy flock controlled by the queen.
   In essence, a majority of involved and concerned citizens interested in the betterment of the city has no gravitas with those fools.

…………………………….Mark Holbrook