Sunday, November 29, 2015

CCR 11-29-15 Shopping for Cover?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   Was there a legitimate excuse for QueenB VD not attending the rally in support of city unity on Saturday?  By legitimate excuse, this does not mean one which might be espoused or fabricated by the queen.

   Understanding the queen is directly responsible for Irving being featured in local, national and international media as a backward city being led by a self-aggrandizing mayor, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, decided to review all the factors which might have led to the queen’s absence.  

   After all, this was an event which should have demanded city leadership be exhibited, in an effort to quell all the political malfeasance previously perpetrated by QueenB VDs Red Meat TEA-carnivore activities.

   Here are a few possible flimsy rationales which may have caused QueenB VD to conveniently avoid being seen, participating, or having a photo op at the rally for the city unity event:

*  She is still on an ego high after the 5-4 vote to pass the bogus and meaningless city council agenda item demonstrating support for the State resolution, HB 562, which did not even make it to the floor of the House for a vote. 

*  She was busy updating her political photo op album and YouTube collection of all her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking engagements…where she continues to fabricate facts to appease all the low information attendees.

*  She finds it difficult to attend any event where she might have to defend her political malfeasance and Islamophobia to rationale thinking individuals.

*  She has never apologized for her mishandling, misrepresentation and disturbing blathering on the ‘clock kid’ saga which garnered her worldwide ridicule.

*  Her high priced PR "crisis management" consultant believed an appearance on Glenn Beck’s tin foil hat TV program, instead of attending the city unity event, could sate all the ill informed followers and peons of her realm.

*  Her Flying Harpy flock, with their vituperative and nasty blog postings on KID (Keep Irving Divisive), would spin out of control and their feathers would molt if she appeared at the city unity event. 

*  She had not completed her Black Friday shopping by noon Saturday.

*  She was busy preparing her costume to be "Ms. Claus" to Glenn Beck’s "Santa Claus" for his December 19th "Christmas Cheer" program in Grand Prairie.  (Tickets to attend are not cheap and, like 3-D movies, attendees must wear tin foil hats for the full effect!)

*  Her personal dictionary does not include the word ‘unity,’ and substitutes ‘self-centered divisiveness’ in its place.

*  She believed a narrow minded city, attuned to her dictates, is superior to a city wide on intellectual honesty.  

   Dylan finally grew weary of documenting all the lame excuses QueenB VD might have in her arsenal of fact fabrications, so he took to his tweeter account to summarize a few of the more obvious reasons.


Dylan Westie @DylanWestie1 Nov 29
If QueenB (Irving mayor) uses "scheduling conflict" for no-show at rally for city unity, this often happens when she is wrong on issues.

Dylan Westie
QueenBs no-show at rally in support of city unity demonstrates her approval of gun toting Froot Loops® over decent citizens.

Dylan Westie 
Glenn Beck & Red Meat TEA-carnivores would approve QueenBs no-show at rally in support of city unity. Keeps their fear-mongering stirred.

Dylan Westie 
QueenB clings to her Islamophobia-robe of city divisiveness she created, rather than have photo op at rally for city unity. Unbelievable!

Dylan Westie
No pronouncements, photo ops or political pandering by QueenB ( Irving mayor) as she avoids attending the rally in support of city unity.

   While over 200 individuals braved the elements to demonstrate unity in the city, one can only assume QueenB VD was sipping hot chocolate while her royal carriage zipped from mall to mall, to spread a few coins of the realm, for discounted merchandise left over from Black Friday.

   In Queen B VDs mindset, attending to her own personal needs always surpasses doing was is right and best for the citizens of ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ who would like to witness a city and mayor committed to progress…not the negative aspects generated by the queen’s personal political pandering and activities.

   And in the current retail marketing of Irving’s governance, citizens do not want leadership with a 99% markdown.

…………………………….Mark Holbrook

Note: A factual account of the city unity event is documented in the following link: Avi Selk, Dallas Morning News, 11-29-15, No gun toting Froot Loops® at peaceful city unity event held at Irving mosque: