Thursday, June 9, 2016

CCR 06-09-16 Self-interest Polishing

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Self-interest Polishing"

   Well, dear readers, while you have been having fun in the sun on your vacation to Waxahachie to visit their new water slide, QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores has been flitting around town and outlying areas polishing her political resumé which has been tarnished by failed leadership.

   Yes, the queen is in 5th gear attempting to polish and wash all of the Red Meat TEA-carnivore stains and drool off her royal robes.  And if asked, she would probably take a biblical response and deny, deny, deny (that’s three times for those counting) any past associations, endorsements or pandering activities with Glenn Beck, who has the direct pipeline to the etherial Big Guy for political pronouncements, and the Ted "Lizard Grin" Cruz sycophant brigade of low information mushrooms.

   How could this be possible?  Why would QueenB VD suddenly want to disavow or hide, in a closet, all her previous ‘off the edge’ positions near and dear to Red Meat TEA-carnivores?

   To better understand this, just gander at some recent activities of the queen.  

   The queen’s FaceBook page (one of four she has) is replete with a trove of photo ops detailing her appearances at any number of forums, luncheons, gatherings and mane flipping events.  But if one looks closer, none of those recent activities have any mention or relationship to Red Meat TEA-carnivore events, or Irving issues.

   This apparently is not an oversight on QueenB VDs part, but a definite course of action taken to have a perceived personal-shape shift into a mayoral candidate up for re-election.  Her desire might be to bury all of her inane activities which caused Irving to be the worldwide laughing stock and municipal punch line due to her spreading fact fabrications (polite use of the word lie) regarding Sharia law and the "clock kid"…if folks didn’t heed her apocalyptic blabbering.

   Well, the groups who did heed her blathering visited the city and pranced around a religious institution fully armed.  Plus, those activities prompted a Texas branch of the KKK to plan a summer visit to the city.

   As events and her appearances at area Red Meat TEA-carnivore gatherings have dwindled, QueenB VD now wants to pack all this away in her closet of failed leadership and only flit around the area wrapped in an American flag spouting language which is not akin to her previous extreme right-wing fear mongering diatribes.

   But then, this is what she must do to pave the way for a re-election bid.  After all, does anyone really want to elect a mayor whose Darjeeling-TEA-brewed heart (that’s black TEA for the mushrooms) does little to make Irving a better community, or addresses issues of real concern?

   Be on the lookout!  QueenB VD may be coming to a luncheon or ribbon cutting near you.

   Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, happened to come across a couple events the queen has scheduled.  Be sure to attend her photo op and watch as she flashes the pearly whites while flipping her mane at:

Waffle Shack:  A new syrup is being named at the Waffle Shack in honor of QueenB VD for the ribbon cutting/dedication.  Her new syrup will stick to anything…but the truth.  And the waffles made in this new business are much like the queen’s political decisions and Red Meat TEA-carnivore speeches…where she generally waffles on matters of significant consequence regarding the city.
Victoria’s Non-secret Car Wash:  This will be a cornerstone dedication attended by the queen.  All vehicles will be washed and cleaned by the queen’s bevy (sans tops) of single source developers, "Dark Money" hustlers, cronies with conflict of interest who have received city tax bucks, Sugar Daddy handlers, and die hard Red Meat TEA-carnivore low-information mushrooms.

Forum For Faking Facts:  This newly created forum will be conducted by QueenB VD to teach all budding and young politicos how to take a resumé, of leadership inactivity, and make it appear one has just solved the world peace problem, adopted ethics which should apply to all others, and save tax payers enough bucks to put them in the top 1%.  

   If you should attend any of the gatherings, where the queen is busy conducting a photo op session, there is only one thing to remember:  All of this political resumé polishing, fact fabrications and posting of social activities on her FaceBook pages has little or nothing to do with the actual job she was elected to do…serve as mayor of the city.  While she attempts to pump her popularity, the city is drained of effective leadership by not having attention directed to the real issues of Irving.

   And it is certain QueenB VDs full scale personal promotion tour will not eradicate the image she has already burned in the soul of the city during her tenure.

……………………………..Mark Holbrook

Consider This:  If Softtek, the Mexican firm, decides to locate their North American corporate headquarters in Dallas, as opposed to Irving, might a general undisclosed rationale be: the mayor of Dallas did not force his council to support the inane State HB 562 resolution; and the mayor of Dallas has not toured his city or surrounding areas to promote a political agenda which caused divisiveness among all residents. 
   Since QueenB VB was not in Mexico, with other area delegates, to assist in promoting Irving, perhaps, her presence was not necessary for the Mexican officials to already know the political and divisive agenda which the queen has been responsible for promoting.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what the Mexican business officials really think about Irving?
   Stay tuned.  This could result in another very sad chapter in the reign of QueenB VD.  

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