Saturday, October 22, 2016

CCR 10-22-16 WikiSeeps Ooze

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"WikiSeeps Ooze"

   Sometimes, details, regarding an issue affecting ‘beautiful downtown Irving,’ arrive on the desks of the CCR staff via e-mail/tweet/text message.   And this type of notification works perfectly as staff cannot be in all places at the same time.

   And be assured, those who provide info, to the CCR, are afforded anonymity! 

   However, there is a ‘new’ source of information being provided to staff of the CCR which will increase the flow and detail of reports produced.  This new ‘dark information source’ will not only provide staff with reams upon reams of info, but will also provided an incredible amount of documentation to substantiate the reports produced.  Awesome!

   Yes, dear readers, the first batch of highly sensitive local political information, which has hit our desk, was sent by a group know worldwide as WikiSeeps.  WOW!  
   (The CCR is now on the WikiSeeps mailing list.)

   While some may complain the hacked information from WikiSeeps was ‘stolen’ from local politicos by Latvian teens living at home in the basement on a sugar high, the fact remains the information is refutably true, accurate and might cause citizens of Irving to take a closer look at how some of their elected officials conspire to achieve and sate their self-indulgent interest. 

   And remember, complaining about how the CCR received the information does not dispel the accuracy of the info which will be used in the reports.

   For this report, WikiSeeps hacked and sent all the information on the electronic devices of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP. 

   The queen maintains several devices — personal and city — plus whatever may be unknown to the general public.    

   As most might recall, the queen also poses (and flips her mane) as mayor of Irving while flitting around the country side in her royal VW beetle (which holds fifteen like-minded sycophants) spreading Torofeca and laying claim to her self-aggrandizing greatness.

   The unannounced purpose of the queen’s traveling and blathering is designed to propel her to the next step she seeks on the political ladder.  The first documents released by WikiSeeps reflects how the queen accomplishes this while appearing to be acting as the mayor of Irving.

    Here is the first item in the document dump from WikiSeeps.  This is a copy of the speech and photo op when QueenB VD recently met with a group of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore sycophants.
Brewing Disingenuous TEA
QueenB VD

   Good evening fellow Bozos.  It is great to be here knowing my private positions on critical issues — as discussed here tonight — will be held in confidence from the public positions expressed daily to the peons and serfs of my realm.  I am, as you know, THE mayor of Irving...which you should always remember! 

   But then, you already know, as THE mayor, how I play the political game…tell them what they want to hear and then do what your Sugar Daddy handlers and campaign contributing cronies expect and want.

   And that is the political-heart of how I have ruled Irving for the past six years.  (Honk, honk!)
   (That sound was the queen rubbing her nose.)

   For instance: I protested loudly about housing cost for city sponsored low income families ($175,000/unit, really?), but worked with my single source developer to provide millions upon millions in city-paid infrastructure and city tax relief for $400K+ homes in north Irving for folks who do not need financial assistance in owning a home.

   So, when voters go to the polls this coming May, they will realize I am always trying to save their tax bucks!  (Honk, honk!)    

   Another example of private vs. public positions would be the Entertainment Center currently under construction in Las Colinas.

   For years, I have been opposed to this project due to one of my Sugar Daddy handlers not being involved in the project.  I voted against the project at every opportunity…even when they wanted to use Bermuda over San Augustine grass.  Trust me, I know my grasses.  (Honk, Honk!)

   However, in my State of the Union address and on some of my speaking tours, I extol the virtues of the economic development which will accrue to the city from this venture…as if I personally shoveled the dirt for the project.  Look, I didn’t even attend the groundbreaking for this venture.  (Honk, honk!) 

   Another factor, for staying in control of the issues at hand, is to have plenty of money readily available.  The money can be used to fund support for Pet Rock political campaigns, a little personal travel, and many other unmentionable benefits.  

   The two best methods of having funds available are: Sugar Daddy handlers and "Dark Money."  The advantages of both of these funding sources are that the records are not publicly available for review or audit.  Believe me, all the individuals contributing or participating in donating, on my behalf, know the rules regarding ‘pay to play.’

   The political lifestyle, one can lead with all those non-traceable bucks, could mean one doesn’t even have to have a full-time job like all the peons and serfs of my realm.  (Honk, honk!)

    As imagined, it is very easy to dupe sycophant followers.  And when you leave here this evening, be sure and latch on to one of the elected Red Meat TEA-carnivores who will represent your special interest.  You’ll be amazed at how the issues you want resolved, in your favor, can be accomplished.  And while the issues are not those the general public or even a majority of the voting public may want or desire, my guidelines will ensure your success.  (Honk, honk!)

   So, go forward and spread political turmoil in your community.  This will inflate your ego knowing you will be getting your way.  Browbeat and belittle those who stand against the self-indulgent progress you seek.  Assume an attitude of arrogance which cannot be trumped.  (Honk, honk, honk!)

   And remember, should you be sued for any statements made while acting on your private positions, let the governmental agency, you supposedly represent, pay for your legal defense.  (Honk, honk!)


   Well, dear readers, staff of the CCR always suspected this was QueenB VDs modus operandi  to achieving her self-interest goals, but WikiSeeps just confirmed what everyone should have already known.

   A total corruption of the political system is how the huddled masses have lost control of what should be their avenue to good government, honest handling of issues, and providing for the general welfare of all citizens.

   Where should the blame be placed for all that is wrong in ‘beautiful downtown Irving?’  Perhaps, removing the throne at city hall would be a good first step.

……………………………Mark Holbrook 

Special Note:  To all the hackers at WikiSeeps…THANKS.  However, we may not be able to post some of the pictures sent as the CCR is a family publication.  And staff has a hunch an Indigo pic with the queen in a three comma pose just isn’t suitable.