Thursday, October 27, 2016

CCR 10-27-16 WikiSeeps #3 --- Deplorable

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"WikiSeeps #3 — Deplorable!"

   Well, dear readers, the latest WikiSeeps #3 document dump of a video was received by staff of the CCR.  This  revealing item may represent the most outrageous example of the true character of QueenB VD of the House of NPD and Royal Court of WAB and Protectorate of Red Meat TEA-carnivores and Standard Bearer WIMP previously hidden from public review.

   And quite frankly, it is very disturbing as to how her sycophant followers fail to realize that her actions and pseudo-leadership shines a very dim light on the good which could be Irving.  The queen’s constant blathering engagements, on non-city related activities when posing as THE mayor, is a stain on those who work hard to promote Irving in a positive fashion.

   Instead, the queen is more interested in the spotlight shining on her political ambitions and swelling ego…which has little or nothing to do with running the city.

   In one of her Red Meat TEA-carnivore speaking engagements, where billed as THE mayor of Irving, the queen added a new twist to her babbling remarks and Hollywood-ish photo op poses.  Her presentation included flashing a picture of a current Irving City council member* which was followed by a few of her petulant, self-aggrandizing assessments that this is the type of council member the city could do without!  What?  Are you serious?

   You see, QueenB VD is mostly hostile toward those on the city council who do not vote as she wants, or agrees with her whims, or follows her dictates without questions!

   One has to assume, QueenB VD is now the titular head of determining, not the voters, who is fit to serve on the Irving City council.  Forget the voters.  Forget the values and attention to detail an individual may bring to the council chamber.  And certainly, forget an individual who is not a brain-drained simpleton sitting on the queen’s Pet Rock shelf.  The queen knows best…just ask her. 

   The venom spewed, in the queen’s video venture, was sprayed against a current sitting council member who represents citizens in a more intelligent manner than she does.  And this being the case, she deems it proper to state, to non-Irving attendees at her political speaking soiree, she should be the final judge of how all city actions must be undertaken.  Utterly disgusting!

   Again, the history of Irving cannot record or note a mayor who has ‘acted out’ in this manner.  While it is bad enough she attempts to saturate the city with her Red Meat TEA-carnivore actions and activities, QueenB VD continues to add to her list of personality and political failures that make the city a laughing punch line in the eyes of  surrounding cities thriving on economic development and civil political relations.

   The speaking engagement actions on QueenB VDs part, while different from her attempted browbeating and bullying of those not in agreement with her self-interest whims at council meetings, once again demonstrates her leadership well is filled with toxic levels of self-indulgence, petulance, haughtiness, aloofness, dismissiveness, self-adulation, self-centeredness, self-delusion, and plenty of mane flipping and photo ops.  And this, dear readers, is all she brings to the political table!

   Sadly, the queen’s conduct and actions leave very little for Irving citizens to be proud of, or to embrace.

   The ‘calling out’ of a city council member, at a group meeting outside the city of Irving on a topic not relevant to Irving by QueenB VD, indicates she will say or do anything if she perceives it will further her goal of political pandering to potential low information attendees at her yammering sessions.

   While one digests this latest deplorable escapade of the queen, remember, she would still want the city to represent and pay for her legal costs in the personal law suit filed against her by the family of The Clock King for similar babbling actions and activities outside the scope of the duties she was elected to perform.
   (It appears, some of her actions may have been taken even after being legally advised not to prance around north Texas spouting fact fabrications and drivel to appear an innocent victim.)

   And voters should make it know to their council representatives that the personal law suit against QueenB VD is not the same as a law suit which also was filed against the city.  There should  be no unity or ‘standing together’ on the handling of these two law suits.  The law suits are different in nature and character. 

   This may be the one time the city council should allow the queen to stand on her own merits to defend her actions and activities…period!

   The city’s actions are totally separate and apart from the activities and actions of QueenB VD, especially when she is traipsing about the northern countryside posing as THE mayor of the city, spreading fact fabrications, political dogma and spin rhetoric which is not supported, endorsed or approved by the Irving City council.

   Wake up Irving!  ‘Beautiful downtown Irving’ is nearing the crossroad of being able to have a municipal government which represents citizens…not the political Alpo®-dogma of a self-centered shill for Red Meat TEA-carnivores.  
   (Read: QueenB VD if you are a slow learner.)

   The May 2017 city election will be your opportunity to return Irving to civility, inspired leadership and a level of confidence for those whom you have entrusted your ballot.  This would be considered a real game changer from having a self-imposed autocracy which currently shadows Irving City hall…under QueenB VDs realm.

   Isn’t it time to end the six-year embarrassment of pseudo-leadership by puncturing the ego-inflated ballon which has filled city hall?

……………………………….Mark Holbrook

  • The name of the council member disparaged by the queen will not be published.  As QueenB VDs  actions are so vile and wrong, we do not want to foster her agenda by having anyone believe she is accurate or correct in her assessment…which most already know she isn’t!  However, WikiSeeps does allow staff of the CCR to forward the pic and name referred to above to those who request the information via e-mail.