Saturday, February 4, 2017

CCR 02-04-17 Hot Relief

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Hot Relief"

   Do you still have a bad and bitter taste in your mouth due to the past six years of the QueenB VD inane reign of self-interest and self-promotion?  The genuine tragedy of the six years is the queen probably spent more time on aspiring to higher political prominence than time actually devoted to citizens and the interest of the city. 

   Are you tired of all of QueenB VDs mismanagement, fabricated facts, Sugar Daddy contributors, cronies with conflict of interest, single source developers, turning Irving into a TEA-party sanctuary city, traipsing around the countryside spewing political Torofeca which was not germane to the duties she was elected to perform…or approved by the city council?

   If so, then relief from her reign and the self-aggrandizing actions of  QueenB VD could be near at hand.

   Well, dear readers, relief from QueenB VDs reign requires two treatments.  Here’s how to be rid of all the political damage, bad publicity and self-aggrandizing actions QueenB VD racked up during her tenure on her self-anointed throne at city hall.  

   Relief from BVD #1  
   Yes, Dylan Westie, Executive editor/Part-time wordsmith and Social Media Troll for the CCR, has expanded his political reach by having his own brand of hot sauce bottled.  This is a way for him to 'fire up' the apathetic majority to become involved.

   Obtain a bottle of Dylan’s Leg Hiking Hot Sauce and quickly discover your meals will once again be flavorful and free of memories of the queen’s failure to: enforce her revised ethics ordinance; smoke-filled room meetings with single source developers; attempts to derail the Entertainment Center; and catering to Sugar Daddy donors and cronies.  As the label on the hot sauce states: "Hotter than QueenB VD…political Torofeca FREE."

   For the skeptics, this happens to be a genuine hot sauce and was manufactured in Mineral Wells by Ol Gringo Chile Co.  The flavor is Bordertown Chipotle and will assist in forgetting the travesty of the queen’s actions which made ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ the laughing stock of the metroplex.  
   (Think: "Clock kid," Gun toting Froot Loops® around a religious institution along with members of a Texas branch of the KKK prancing and showing their support for QueenB VD.)

   The hot sauce is being given away, but the supply is limited.  A bottle of the hot sauce will be given to the first ten CCR readers who send an e-mail stating why QueenB VD should not be re-elected.  Please, no profanity as this is a family publication.  The winner’s comments will be posted (without names) in a later issue of the CCR

Relief from BVD #2
   While the hot sauce is a temporary remedy, the only true cure of having relief from QueenB VDs reign of self-interest is to ensure she is not re-elected.

   Dear readers, this is not only possible, but can be accomplished. 

   This election cycle, voters will have the opportunity to elect an individual who has served the community in various organizations, runs an Irving based business with global implications, and has a family who has also been actively involved in helping make Irving a remarkable city.  And this is the key point: Irving needs a mayor who will be dedicated to Irving and the issues the city faces…instead of coddling to sycophants while attempting to climb higher on the political ladder. 

   Electing David Pfaff as Mayor of Irving will ensure the city has a mayor who puts Irving first…not an egocentric agenda of self-interest as QueenB VD has demonstrated.

   David Pfaff as Mayor of Irving will demonstrate the citizens have leadership committed to resolving issues critical to the city.

   David Pfaff as Mayor of Irving knows how to run a business and understands city actions must rely on working with other council members as a team.

   David Pfaff as Mayor of Irving will help erase the stigma of incompetence, bad publicity, and inane actions QueenB VD perpetrated which hampered the city’s relationships with other governmental entities.

   The time is now, dear readers, to break the chain of political incompetency which has bound ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ for the past six years.  The time is now to put Irving first for the citizens of the city.

   And the time is now to achieve relief, change and zero heartburn by electing David Pfaff as Mayor of Irving.

………………………………….Mark Holbrook