Sunday, February 12, 2017

CCR 02-12-17 #BVDsFabricatedFactsPostings

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”


   QueenB VDs FaceBook (Governmental Official) page and her new KIA PR re-election postings-schlep — also her gleeful-queenly video sycophant, Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest -- have a task greater than Hercules cleaning the Aegean Stables ahead.

   After all, this guy, Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest, will have to shovel loads and loads of political Torofeca, created by QueenB VD, on the unwashed masses by attempting to convince them his sycophant postings are the new and true Gospel According to BVD.  Believe and obey…or else!

   Starting his stint off with posting drivel from a fluff piece dating back to 2013, or even considering future Internet mentions of QueenB VD in Red Meat TEA-carnivore publications, do you think Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest will ever consider factual news reports from the Dallas Morning News, or other highly reliable media sources?  Of course, this would be difficult, since QueenB VD basically doesn’t communicate or return calls to the DMN.  You see, the DMN just doesn’t prop up or give credence to her unsubstantiated and myopic views for the nightmare PR issues she creates. 

   Also, the queen might still be stinging from a DMN opinion piece that branded her Aloof, Haughty and Dismissive!  
   (Wow, could NPD and AHD be all rolled into one individual?)

   Additionally, how will Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest explain the support QueenB VD has received from the Bureau of American-Islamic Affairs (gun toting Froot Loops®) and the Texas Rebel Knights of the KKK prancing and parading around a religious institution to demonstrate their allegiance to the queen’s facts fabrications? 

   Perhaps, it might benefit readers of Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest inane platitudes, for QueenB VD, to include a few of the following references where the queen has failed and demonstrated pseudo-leadership of Irving.  

   And if one considers all of the future FaceBook, YouTube pablum, and blather which will be posted — to demonstrate the queen’s abilities to "work for Irving," then Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest might be suffering from the same myopic vision ailments the queen possesses.  

   Addressing and realizing the following, by Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest, would go a long way to sweep a bit of the Torofeca off the self-indulgent postings QueenB VD dictates…to please sycophants and low information supporters.  These articles are just the tip of the negative PR ice berg which QueenB VD has floated through the city: 

   "But there I was last week, smack dab in the middle of a story about Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne’s rise as a tea party star.
   And the experience was even more discomforting when I saw what big fat fibs she’s telling. She’s using me in her tea party speeches. Or abusing me, I should say."

   "There is no evidence that the 14-year-old high school freshman was part of some elaborate conspiracy to embarrass Irving or further Islamic supremacy when he brought a homemade digital clock into MacArthur High School. But that isn’t stopping Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and folks like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones from fueling the flames. Their goal may be to discredit a 14-year-old kid, but the result is that they only discredit themselves."

   "But Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and many of her supporters suggest that not only is such mediation unconstitutional, …"  That is nonsense, of course, but it plays politically with certain segments of society.
   The Irving City Council, led by its mayor, voted last month to add its support for the redundant legislation, which is obviously irrelevant except in its ability to demean Muslim residents and greatly irritate others of rational mind."
   (Remember, the vote was 5-4 and passage was due to four Pet Rock’s fear of the queen.)

   "Extreme political rhetoric has helped fuel the rise of hate groups in the United States, and Texas Republicans Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott are partly to blame, the editor of a report on extremism says.
   The report also highlights Irving for anti-Muslim backlash that made national headlines. It cited Mayor Beth Van Duyne's condemnation of an Islamic mediation panel and the arrest of teen Ahmed Mohamed over a homemade clock that was labeled a ‘hoax bomb.’"

   "But no one epitomizes Texas’s recent flirtation with Islamophobia more than Irving mayor Beth Van Duyne. 
   "…Van Duyne is a rising star in the Texas tea party for supposedly saving Irving from sharia law.  

   And with all the no-fault-of-mine, kind, gentle, caring, and positive image QueenB VD is attempt to shape-shift into her re-election efforts, voters are not buying her newfound acceptance of the city’s best economic driver to come down the pike…the Entertainment Center by ARK.
   Who could forget all the negative votes QueenB VD registered against this project over her six year reign of misguided thinking?  And who could forget the following pronouncement of what QueenB VD is really like when her self-gratification, verbal bullying of city council members, and petulant attitude is not recognized if the cameras are not rolling?  To wit:

DMN, 10-11-14, ARK partner, Noah Lazes:  "This is Beth continuing to push an agenda that was clearly not accurate," Lazes said. "It’s unfortunate that a personal agenda and a personal vendetta is influencing political decisions.”

   What rational thinking individual would believe QueenB VD has been representing the best interest of citizens?  Isn’t it obviously clear the queen has been serving her own personal interest?  Isn’t it evident the queen’s political future comes before the needs of the city and citizens?
   Obviously, Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest has his PR hack-work — of attempting to dilute the Irving political well QueenB VD has poisoned — cut out for him.  If he is getting paid for his efforts, then it probably isn’t enough.  And as soon as the queen grows weary of any failed efforts on his part, then any fringe benefits, if available, would probably disappear, too.
   You see, QueenB VD has little or no tolerance for those who cannot fabricate her queenly illusions of grandeur into a believable reality for all of her slow learning supporters.  
   And in this re-election cycle, for QueenB VD, the final test is: Has she fooled enough individuals to believe she should later be elected to a higher political office — where only Red Meat TEA-carnivores congregate — to decide when and where folks can go to the bathroom to pee?!
   Rumor has it she may even ask Carly Simon to re-word her hit song to warble the tune for her opponents: "You’re so vain, you probably think this election is about you."
   No, dear readers, in the queen’s realm, it is always about her. 

………………………………Mark Holbrook 

Publication Note:  The next edition of the CCR plans to assist Mr. Isn’t-She-just-the-Greatest by offering valid points which voters would like explored in his future postings.  This could include: If QueenB VDs gainful employment is noted as being a self-employed "consultant," are any of her Sugar Daddy contributors, cronies with conflict of interest, or single source developers "clients?"  Would she be willing to provide her tax returns for review?  Were any "dark money" funds or Sugar Daddy bucks utilized to pay for all her traipsing around the country side, or abroad to spout fact fabrications in an effort to improve her position of seeking a higher political office?  Could a YouTube video, of an executive council session, be provided where QueenB VD again goes off the rails to browbeat, intimidate and speak condescending to council members who might disagree with her self-indulgent interest on an issue?  How many bucks will the queen spend on consultants, PR hacks and printed materials to fabricate a positive image…which has been anything but positive for the best interest of the City of Irving?  Instead of taking credit for any good and blaming someone for all the bad, what one issue or item has the queen been solely responsible for which demonstrably benefitted the city and didn’t include fabricating facts, a photo op session, or blathering to Red Meat TEA-carnivores?  How many charitable organization events did the queen participate in or MC to acknowledge all the good being done in the city?