Monday, April 3, 2017

CCR 04-03-17 Temporary Employment?

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

"Temporary Employment?"

   This just doesn’t look good at all!  

   Remember how it has been reported QueenB VD will soon make the announcement she will be accepting a low level bureaucratic position with HUD? 

   A quick search reveals the following HUD positions are open and one of those might be the one the queen will be appointed to fill.  Review the list closely. 

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Janet Golrick, Acting Deputy Secretary
Sheila Greenwood, Chief of Staff
Deana Bass, Deputy Chief of Staff
Linda Cruciani, Acting General Counsel
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Housing
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public and Indian Housing
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Community Planning and Development
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
Vacant, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs

   Do you see any of the following positions posted which would better fit QueenB VDs actual skills as she slides down the political ladder into the abyss of bureaucratic bumbling?

Asst. Secretary for HUD Photo Ops
Asst. Secretary for HUD Facts Fabrication
Asst. Secretary for HUD Community Divisiveness
Asst. Secretary for HUD Red Meat TEA-carnivore Blathering

   Of course, one position which is not on any HUD list is the one QueenB VD holds in reserve.  Probably unknown to HUD and her brain-surgeon-in-charge boss will be the queen’s self-aggrandizing position of: 

Secretary of Working Until Running for Higher Political Office

   Yes, dear readers, staff of the CCR believes QueenB VD will be utilizing this plan to reenter the political arena by playing the role of a bumbling bureaucrat for twelve months or less.  This would provide another political-tick mark on her ever expanding resumé of self-interest. 

   Where will QueenB VD seek her return to political self-absorption?  Currently, there might be two possible positions which could be in play: District 16 State Senator Don Huffines seat, or District 24, US Representative Kenny Marchant’s congressional seat.

   The US Representative seat might be a perfect match for QueenB VD.  

   Seriously, where else could she blather ad infinitum to constituents without worrying about actually having to do anything constructive…which seems to be the current modus operandi displayed by most representatives in DC.

   To make the game of "When’s QueenB VD Leaving HUD" more interesting, staff of the CCR has set up a pool.  Just send an e-mail with the date and time you believe QueenB VD will officially announce she has single-handedly made HUD better and all individuals requiring affordable housing/financing are now drinking TEA.  She will then traipse into the bureaucratic sunset to seek a new, higher political office…which provides her more photo ops.

   The dear reader closest to the actual date and time the queen leaves HUD will receive a free breakfast at PJ’s and a bottle of Dylan’s Leg Hiking Hot Sauce…which is "Hotter than QueenB VD and Torofeca FREE©."

   Best cast your ballot early.  

   When the queen soon finds she has to rise early in the morning to go to a "real job," she may just lapse into an instantaneous mini-retirement spasm until 2018.

……………………………………Mark Holbrook

Reference for HUD listings:  (Remember, this is a Red Meat TEA-carnivore publication.)