Saturday, September 27, 2014

CCR/DW 09-27-14: Don't Buy Imitations

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Holy Holstein, Mark. Reader sent Bull Filter to compete w/CCRs Torofeca Filter. No match. CCRs is digital, WiFi and has photo app! 
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PostScript: Oftentimes, readers of the CCR amaze the staff with their attention to detail and letting us know what is on their mind.  Imagine how surprised we were when the above Bull Filter was given to us at a coffee shop gathering.  Of course, the gesture is super nice, but we would recommend the reader trade-in their old model and obtain the CCRs digital, WiFi adaptable w/photo app included on the Torofeca Filter.  
   For the completely uninformed, a Torofeca Filter is used by citizens to filter all the inane/condescending comments of a politico and translate them into what is really being said.  In essence (no pun intended), the filter separates reality from the unadulterated bull ‘hockey’ uttered by the politico. 
   Staff of the CCR should point out that neither Google or Webster’s dictionary reflects a definition for torofeca.  The reason for this is simple...we coined the term.  To assist the word impaired, we offer this flimsy explanation: toro = bull; feca = feces.  We are confident that you now understand -- in a polite sense -- what several of our local politicos have been spreading in the city when it comes to personal agendas...political torofeca

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