Friday, October 24, 2014

CCR/DW 10-24-14: Bogus Baloney

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1)  Dist.105 'strategist' Casteel bellows infamous Haig "I’m in charge" while scrubbing egg off Rodney Anderson’s face for bogus "complaint."

2)  New Big State Fountain-Dist 105 omelet: Bogus Rodney Anderson eggs,
Casteel fetid cheese served shamefully overdone on buttered character.

3)  QueenB (Irving mayor) and Rodney Anderson spotted dining on fresh
fricassee of crow at 4-Seasons plotting next bogus Dist.105 dirty trick.


PostScript:  It’s official.  The "complaint" which was finally filed against Dist 105 State representative candidate, Susan Motley, by her opponent Rodney Anderson has been ruled invalid.  The Hatch Act did not apply.  Even for Tea sippers!

   (Special Note: The sleazy Anderson campaign mailers were already in early voters hands prior to the "complaint" actually being filed with the feds.)

   Of course, once the "complaint" was actually filed by Anderson’s campaign ‘strategist’ Casteel, it didn’t take the federal US Office of Special Counsel a nano second to see through the veneer of deception to determine this really must be a dirty political trick in the making.  And to think, the Anderson campaign probably spent a wad of bucks for their legal advice.

   Therefore, Motley is free to campaign and keep her Anderson had also petitioned for the feds to approve her firing.  However, folks with reasonable intelligence had already determined the outcome of the "complaint"…even as the Anderson campaign sprayed their load of bogus Torofeca all over the city.

   City hazmat crews will have ‘beautiful downtown Irving’ back in pristine shape by the end of the week.

     Many potential early voters in Irving viewed this campaign trickery by Anderson for what it was: Bogus and a cheap-shot-attempt to undermine not only an opponent, but the entire political process.  Apparently, Tea sippers have their own set of campaign schemes which cast truthfulness, honesty and character into the dirty trick swamp.

   One has to wonder if Anderson will pull all the ads, mailers and other means of dissemination for this bogus claim from his campaign.  If he doesn’t, then voters will truly know the measure of the man.

   What’s next?  QueenB VD and Anderson will have to develop another strategy in their attempt to ply on the uninformed serfs and peons of her realm.  

   Time is running short, but with two political operatives of their calibre, one has to believe they can "hatch" some new dirty trick to con voters before election day, November 4, 2014.

The article detailing the "complaint" and official ruling is included in the DMN, Avi Selk, 10-24-14, blog at the following link:
Legal disclaimer and Glossary at: