Saturday, January 24, 2015

CCR 01-24-15: Extra, Extra, Read All About It

the   Controversial  Committee   Report
“We don’t raise sacred cows...we just butcher them.”

   For some, there will be joy in Mudville today!  For others, no joy and only the hope of a raincheck for another day and game.

   Yes, the Dallas Morning News, in its infinite wisdom, has tiptoed across the line of award winning journalism to dipping their toes in the blustering yammer-pool of the local blog, the Controversial Committee Report.  With this action, does (or should) this infer the CCR is now an official member of the "33/4 Estate?"  (Tone down the chuckling and snickering, please!)

   Publishing this rather lengthy article in the DMN concerning the thirty-year history of the CCR report, detailing Irving’s political foibles, does give credence to the fact the city has come a long way, but certainly has a longer path to follow before political and citizenry nirvana can ever be achieved.  (Irving’s Mason-Dixon line is still believed to be the Hwy. 183 east/west divide.)

  For non-subscribers to the DMN, here is the link to the revealing and wow-gasping CCR article.  Read and weep/dance with glee/slug a couple tequila shots/take Jerry Jones’ name in vain, or pop your daily NPD pill…if suffering from this condition.  Article link:

   For those wondering what the staff of the CCR, (Dylan Westie, Executive Editor and Part-time Wordsmith; Mark Holbrook, Publisher; and Mike Howard, Geezer-in-Charge) might be thinking, or their reaction after reading the article, the e-mail letter addressed to the article’s author, Avi Selk of the Dallas Morning News, follows.

   Many of you may already know Selk as the reporter of record for Irving’s municipal coverage of city and school district issues.  While he often performs a thankless task of documenting Irving affairs, the assignment surely must be thorny and extremely difficult at times when dealing with all the super egos, string pullers, political pimps, and those whose bent is to tap city resources for their personal benefit or agenda.  For all his fine efforts, the DMN should include hazardous duty pay in his monthly stipend!

   With all this in mind, staff of the CCR sent the following sincere message to Selk expressing our unvarnished thoughts: 
Avi Selk—
As expected, your article upheld all journalistic principles, standards and pounded the nail of objectivity squarely into the heart of the CCRs thirty-year history of wordsmithing in the city of Irving.  Even proper grammar was observed in your writing! (snicker)  Great job!  

Truly, critics of the CCR are in orgasmic rapture, while highly dedicated followers might be experiencing literary impotence with your observations.  (No problem, as both have cures.)

My thoughts: You did what you always seem to do…write a very detailed,  informative, independent, fact based article which does not leave one with any questions or literary ambiguity.  And perhaps, this is the hallmark reflected in a good writer who happens to be a DMN journalist.  

That being said, I have no qualms or reservations as to your perspectives or reflections regarding the CCR.  After all, the CCR is what it is and that’s what it will always be as long as there are ‘cats to kick’ or ‘sacred cows’ to be butchered in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’

Without any appearance of graft, payola or kickback, I would like to buy you a proper lunch: soon…maybe…(name a day).  This would be my humble way of reflecting thanks and kudos of appreciation for your work and the talent you possess which benefits all Irving. 

Kindest regards,
Mike Howard

   As noted above, the CCR will continue to publish opinions…which are sometimes even based on factual material.  Dylan will continue to use his Twit-er account to express political dismay or Ruff-ings on current events.  And Mark will faithfully wordsmith the reports sent to all those dedicated followers on the readership e-mail list of the CCR and post them on the blog site.  After all, the CCR is not looking to make change happen, but rather provide folks with a unique understanding of what is actually going on, in their name, by all the elected politicos representing them in ‘beautiful downtown Irving.’  

   Sure, this can be a scary undertaking, but Irving’s political tunnel requires all the illumination possible for the citizenry to see there might be light at the end…and hopefully, the light is not an oncoming Flying Harpy wearing a headlamp.  Or the queen’s carriage speeding to the city’s treasury while laden with single source developers, Sugar Daddy contributors and Pet Rocks.

   Isn’t freedom of speech (sans libel and slander) just one of the grandest gifts imaginable that our forefathers bestowed?  And having the last word is just icing on the Sprinkles® cupcake.

……………………………………Mark Holbrook

Special Note:  The link for the DMN article in the on-line version has a picture of folks gathering at the ‘House of Commons’ coffee shop, Danal’s Mexican Restaurant.  Staff of the CCR would offer their apologies if any individual pictured believes their reputation was blemished or tarnished with this public exposure! (snicker)